Andrews Communications has antennas to suit virtually all of your communications requirements. We stock thousands of antennas!!

*** We import/stock Alinco, Andrews, Alpha Delta, AOR, Antenna Specialists, Arrow,  Benelec, Bencher/Butternut, Bushcomm, Comet, Create, Cushcraft, Diamond, Duoro, GAP Antennas, GME Electrophone,  Hy-Gain, Hustler, Icom, Maldol, MFJ, Mobile One, Mosley, M2, OPEK, Oricom.  Radio Wavz, Spiderbeam, Super Antenna, Tarheel,  TET-Emtron, TGM, Uniden and Yaesu antennas! *** We can also supply many other brands of antennas, too! *** Deposit required for special orders ***

Please ensure you purchase antenna/s which coincide with the frequency coverage/bands of your transceiver and will provide the expected results.

Please do NOT force coaxial cables and rotator cables through holes
in walls, especially brick walls! We have noticed increasing instances
of coaxial and rotator cables and their connectors being damaged due
to excessive pushing and twisting causing internal short/open circuits!

Where possible, please ensure coaxial cable lengths are in multiples
of a 1/2-wavelength (not in odd multiples of 1/4-wave lengths) on
every band, taking into account the coaxial cable's velocity factor.

Please don't instantly assume a new antenna is faulty, as <0.1% of
new antennas (<0.01% for Japanese antennas) are faulty from new!
Antenna faults are actually due to the installation >80% of the time!
 We don't recommend mounting antennas >1m long on heavy vehicles!
We don't recommend mounting >1m long antennas on diesel vehicles.

Please choose products carefully or firstly ask us re their
suitability, as lately we have noticed more customers are
ordering incorrect, non-matching or unsuitable products
for their application and/or performance expectations.

The shop will close for our annual holiday from 4pm Tuesday, 19th December, 2023.
The shop will re-open at 9am Wednesday, 10th January, 2024!


MFJ, MOBILE ONE, TET-EMTRON antennas and accessories!

TET-EMTRON 3 el., 4 el., 5el. &
6 element 27MHz yagis here!!

MFJ Cobweb and Hexbeams
discounted! Limited stock!

See our MFJ page for all MFJ
antennas and accessories.

Massive DIAMOND sea freight shipment arrived!!

Prices shown are based on sea freighting antennas. Freight
cost via air is 5~10x higher!


We highly recommend you insure purchased antennas against loss/damage sustained during transportation. Insurance costs 2% of the value of the antenna shipment. NO compensation will be paid if antennas are uninsured.
Please note that when antennas are commercially imported there are many, many, additional costs involved which directly affect the final selling price.

Please note that the selling price in Australia of a large and heavy HF yagi antenna may appear, at first glance, to be about 2.5~3 times its selling
price in the USA. However, that's only if one firstly totally disregards the
current exchange rate and simply assumes one AUD dollar = one USD and doesn't take into account the many costs of importing such an antenna!!

Please note that sea freight, air freight and air courier charges for
shipments from USA have increased dramatically since mid 2022!!

Mobile antennas will often NOT provide optimum results when installed in a base station situation due to their higher angle of radiation and lower gain!

We don't recommend mounting antennas >1m long on heavy vehicles!
We don't recommend mounting >1m long antennas on diesel vehicles.

Please connect each section of multi-section VHF/UHF
 verticals' thin inner brass tube to the next section's thin
inner brass tube to ensure the antenna works properly!!

We mail order worldwide --> Contact us now to order!
Most in-stock antennas are despatched same day!
Freighting or mailing antennas is at an extra cost.
Please contact us re antenna freighting costs.

PLEASE NOTE; SHOP HOURS ARE 9am~4pm, Monday~Friday!
Air-couriering antennas to New Zealand will cost >A$200!

Please order by phone; 02 9688 4301, 02 9636 9060,
02 9896 8972, by email;
or by mail; P.O. Box 240, Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145.
We list, quote and accept Australian dollars only!

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Antennas overlooking Cusco, Peru, at about 3400m (11,150 ft.) a.s.l.
Notes; The air pressure is about 9 p.s.i (61,640 Pascals). There is about 63% of oygen present compared to oxygen at sea level. It can take around twice as long to recover from physical exertion at this altitude compared to sea level. Altitude sickness is likely. Lee didn't suffer from any altitude sickness.


  Please take all necessary safety precautions when installing antennas!
Base station verticals installed in high wind areas must be well-guyed!
We reserve the right to refuse chargeable or warranty repair service
re any/all products which have been purchased elsewhere, whether
or not we are the authorised Australian agent for those products.

One year warranty on all new antennas sold. Warranty will be void
if antennas are customer damaged, environmentally damaged or
otherwise damaged. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure
antenna screws are tight. Do not overtighten antenna screws.
We can't match overseas suppliers' prices, special offers, sales,
closeouts, etc., unless our suppliers offer us same/similar deals.
We must drill out screws that are seized due to over-tightening!

Don't apply glue to antennas! Heatshrinking ant. screws is OK!
Warranty does not apply to the loosening of antennas or their
 sections due to improper maintenance, care or installation.
Please choose products carefully or firstly ask us re their
suitability, as lately we have noticed more customers are
ordering incorrect, non-matching or unsuitable products
for their application and/or performance expectations.

Antenna warranty applies only to manufacturing faults.
Warranty is voided if products are customer damaged
or environmentally damaged or otherwise damaged.
Fibreglass antenna sections will be damaged if
clamps or U-bolts are fitted to those sections!
All prices are subject to change without notice
or obligation due to exchange rate variations.
Freighting or mailing antennas costs extra.
Prices confirmed for all antennas in stock.
Warranty only applies to factory faults.
Warranty cover is not insurance cover.

                                               SHIPPING NOTES

Insurance cover for goods in transit is available from us for only $2 per $100 value of goods. Please advise us if you require this option when ordering.

Please consider insurance because we are not responsible for loss of parcels or damage sustained by parcels - the carrier is responsible! We do pack well!



Please do NOT write <fragile> on anything you send to us as doing so greatly increases the risk of damage. Please try to "double-box" all items sent to us.

Customer-caused, environment-caused, installation-caused or nature-caused (etc.) damage to antennas (etc.) is not covered by any warranty, of course. Warranty cover is NOT related to insurance cover. We have solved ALL antenna issues in >44 years of outstanding amateur radio sales and service.

In fact, Lee has personally helped countless hundreds of amateurs resolve antenna issues and for amateurs to achieve the best possible results with their antenna systems. Lee was disappointed in a few very rare instances of amateurs refusing Lee's help, as he genuinely wanted to help. Remember, at Andrews Communications we want to help you to the maximum possible!!

Please note that many HF antennas (in particular) may require tuning, as their tuning is dependent upon many factors, such as height above ground, nearby metallic objects, etc. Most VHF/UHF base station antennas are already factory-pretuned and factory-sealed. Most VHF/UHF mobile antennas may require fine-tuning, depending upon the ground plane surface area over which they are mounted, etc.


A sales receipt copy must accompany each warranty claim.
Include your name, address, email and phone number

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