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Base station verticals installed in high wind speed areas should be guyed.
Please do not overtighten any antenna's screws or apply any glue.
Most Comet products ordered from us ship same/next day!
Prices are confirmed for antennas currently in stock.
Freighting or mailing of antennas is at extra cost.
Prices are subject to change without notice or
obligation due to exchange rate variations.
Limited stock of some Comet products.
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Comet base station antennas

H422 40m~10m rotatable V-dipole antenna...A$699
In stock!


Type Price $(AUD)
CHA-250BXII Broadband 2.8MHz-57MHz vertical, 300W, 7.13m   $899.00
GP-15 Triband vertical. 6m/2m/70cm, 3dBi/6.2dBi/8.6dBi, 2.42m long. Has SO-239/M/UHF-F socket fitted.

Our Andrews GP-15N-ACS N-type socket version is A$249  
New low price!
H422 40m/20m/15m/10m rotatable V-dipole, 1kW SSB rated. 7.4m horizontal width from tip-to-tip across top of the "V".   $699.00
In stock!

Comet mobile stainless steel (s/s) whip antennas

UHV-6, 6-band mobile antenna covers 40m-15m-10m-6m-2m-70cm

Type Price $(AUD)
CHA-260 7MHz-57MHz broadband mobile antenna, 2.25m long  $699.00
Optional mounting/connection bracket for use with CHA-260 $99.00
CHL-250H Heavy duty 2m/70cm 3dBi/5.5dBi, 200W, 95cm $139.00
CX-702 Triband 6m/2m/70cm 2.15dBi/6dBi/8.4dBi, 2.1m - extra long! Sold out!
HV-R Ground plane radials coil set for UHV-6, 95cm long $249.00
L-3.5 80m band loading coil for UHV antennas $79.00
L-14 20m loading coil $79.00
L-18 17m loading coil $79.00
SBB-5 Dualband 2m/70cm, 3dB/5.5dB, 0.95m long $99.00
SB-15 Triband 6m/2m/70cm, 2.15dBi/4.5dBi/7.2dBi, 1.53m  $149.00
SB-94 Triband 2m/70cm/23cm 2.1/5.1/7.2dB
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SB-97 Triband 2m/70cm/23cm 3.0/6.8/9.6dB
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UHV-4 Quadband 10m/6m (all 1/4-wave), 2m/70cm 2.15dBi/5.5dBi, 1.39m long. Limited stock $249.00
UHV-6 Sixband 40m/15m/10m/6m (all 1/4-wave), 2m/70cm 2.15dBi/5.5dBi, 1.9m extra long. Limited stock
(S/S = stainless steel whip sections)
Comet handheld/portable transceiver antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
SMA-501 Dualband whip, 2m/70cm. 4.6cm long $35.00
SMA-24 Dualband whip, 2m/70cm, 43cm long $45.00
Comet base station discone antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
DS-150S Covers 25MHz-1.5GHz on receive. Transmittable across 50MHz to 1.3GHz amateur bands. 1.4m high $199.00
DS-3000 Covers 75MHz-3GHz on receive. Transmittable across 144MHz to 1.3GHz amateur bands. 86cm high $179.00

Comet CAA-500 Mk.II

Antenna Analyser...A$899

Has full colour TFT and full 1.8MHz~500MHz coverage!
Type Price $(AUD)
CAA-500 Mk.2 Antenna Analyser covers 1.8~500MHz in 35 ranges and measures SWR, resonance and impedance. Impedance range is 12.5~300 ohms. Digital readout to 1kHz. The full-colour TFT LCD provides graphical and numerical SWR, with both R and X values. Has Sweep Centre button for automatically sweeping an amateur band, with SWR graphing appearing in seconds. Retains up to 5 manual sweeps in 5 different colours, so you can make up to 5 different antenna changes and compare all 5 results! Operates for up to 10 hours on battery power. Requires 6 x AA batteries. SO-239 for 1.8~300MHz, N-F for 300~500MHz. Requires 8~16Vdc @ 185mA. Features BOTH analogue and digital information displays!
Size 80mm x 170mm x 60mm. Weighs 800g. 

Many Comet accessories listed here are in stock!

Type Price $(AUD)
CF-416A Diplexer 1.3-170MHz(800W)/350-540MHz(500W) MJ, MP+MP

CF-706 Diplexer, 1.3-57MHz/75-550MHz, 0.4dB, 350W pep SSB rated

CF-706N Diplexer, 1.3-57MHz/75-550MHz, 0.4dB, 350W pep SSB rated, (Has N- plug on its 75-550MHz lead) $169.00
CFX-514N Triplexer, 1.3-90MHz/130-200Mhz/380-500MHz, 0.4dB, 350W pep SSB rated

CF-30MR HF Low pass filter, 1kW pep rated (30MHz cut-off) $149.00
Due mid January, 2018
CF-50MR HF-6m low pass filter, 1kW pep (55MHz cut-off) $179.00
Special order
CK3M5B SO-239 socket base/5m lead/PL-259 assembly (Compare to Avair AV-KE at only $29.00) $69.00
CBL-2500 Balun, 1.8~56Mhz, 2.5kW pep rated $99.00
CSW-201G DC~600Mhz 2-position coaxial antenna switch handles up to 1.5kW pep (below 30MHz). Has gold anodised SO-239 sockets and only 0.12dB loss up at 600MHz.


CSW-201GN DC~1,800Mhz 2-position coaxial antenna switch handles up to 1.5kW pep (below 30MHz), up to 500W pep across 30-600MHz and 150W pep across 600-1,800MHz. Has only 0.12dB loss.
Three gold flashed N-type chassis mount sockets fitted.

D21M DC~600Mhz 100W (SSB pep) dummy load, has UHF socket $69.00
Limited or no stock of some accessories Call for update!

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