Hy-Gain antennas


Prices shown are based on sea freighting antennas. Airfreighting is 5~10 times costlier than sea freight.

Hy-Gain TH3Mk4 20-15-10m
3-element heavy-duty yagi!
Order with deposit required.
Price subject to confirmation!

DX-88 8-band HF vertical covers
80/40/30/20/17/15/12 & 10m!
DX-88 only...A$999

SPT-500 5/8-wave 27MHz vertical...A$449
The SPT-500's bandwidth is 1.2MHz @ 2:1 SWR.
Limited stock as @ 27-09-23.

Tuneable across the 10m, 11m or 12m bands!
Bandwidth at 2:1 SWR points is approx. 1.2MHz!
SPT-500 will NOT cover all of 24~29.7MHz without retuning
because that is a bandwidth of 5.7MHz, not 1.2MHz, hi!

Most HF antenna tuners can tune SPT-500's SWR down when
operating beyond SPT-500's 1.2MHz bandwidth of 2:1 SWR.
Alternatively, simply readjust the antenna's length... 


  Please keep in mind when requesting a quote from
us that most Hy-Gain antennas will cost you about
60%~70% more than the retail price in the USA.
This is due to AUS GST, sea freight charges, etc.
Genuine purchasers please request a quote.

Please order by phone; 02 9688 4301/9636 9060/9896 8972,
by email; radioandrews@hotmail.com or by mail;
P.O. Box 240, Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145.

Base station verticals installed in high wind speed areas should be guyed.
Please don't force coaxial cable through walls (especially brick walls).
Please don't instantly assume a new antenna is faulty, as <0.1% of
new antennas (<0.01% for Japanese antennas) are faulty from new!
Antenna faults are actually due to the installation >80% of the time!

Please ensure coaxial cable lengths are in multiples of a
1/2-wave (not in odd multiples of a 1/4-wave) on the operating
band/s, taking into account the coaxial cable's velocity factor.

 Please note that sea freight, air freight and air courier charges regarding
shipments from the USA have increased dramatically since late 2022!!

Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation due
to exchange rate variations. Prices subject to confirmation!
Pricing shown is based on sea-freighting from the USA.
Freighting or mailing of antennas is at extra cost.
Prices confirmed for antennas currently in stock!

Limited stocks of Hy-Gain antennas at current prices!

Updated 10-10-23

Type Price $(AUD)
TH-11DXX. "The choice of top DX'ers". Outstanding 5-band yagi covers 20-17-15-12-10m bands. Has 11 elements on a 24' (7.3m) boom (2.5"/63mm dia. at centre). 4kW SSB rated. Average gain 8.4dBi. P.O.A.
TH-7DXX 7-element triband (20-15-10m bands) yagi on 7.3m (24 ft.) boom. Dual-driven elements for extra-wide bandwidth! 8~9.6dBi gain! P.O.A.
TH5Mk2. 5-element triband yagi on 19' (5.8m) boom. Av. gain 8.3dBi. P.O.A.
TH3Mk4. 3-element triband yagi on 14' (4.3m) boom. Av. gain 8dBi.
Price subject to confirmation due to AU/US exchange rate variations
TH3Mk4 black plastic trap covers. Limited number in stock @ 29-05-23 A$12.00 ea.
trap cover
TH2Mk3. 2-element triband yagi on 6' (3.7m) boom. Av. gain 5.6dBi. P.O.A.
EXPLORER 14. 4-element triband yagi on 14' (4.3m) boom. Average gain 8.1dBi. 40m or 30m can be added! 1.5kW rated. P.O.A.
LJ-204BA 20m band 4-element yagi P.O.A.
DX-77A. 40-30-20-17-15-12-10m (7-band) HF vertical, 29' (8.8m) tall P.O.A.
DX-88. 80-40-30-20-17-15-12-10m (8-band) HF vertical, 25' (7.6m) tall. An excellent performer! Has individual band tuning, too!

Now A$999.00
In stock!
Penetrator 500 5/8-wave 27MHz base station vertical (SPT-500).
Probably the very best 27MHz base vertical ever!! Very limited stock!
SWR bandwidth at the 2:1 SWR points is about 1.2MHz (not 5MHz, hi!)
Confirmed price!

Limited stock!
BN-86 1:1 ratio, 3~30MHz ferrite balun (ideal for multiband yagis).
Order with deposit required
Many more Hy-Gain antennas and accessories available to your order.
All Hy-Gain prices are based on seafreighting from the USA and are subject to change due to exchange rate variations.
Hy-Gain products currently in our stock have confirmed pricing!

Please note that HF trapped multiband yagis and verticals may need to be adjusted to the desired centre frequencies of operation on each band. These centre frequencies may vary, depending upon where and how antennas are installed. They may also be adversely affected by the size and proximity of objects (particularly metallic objects).
Fine tuning of installed antennas is the responsibility of the customer!  
Please call us re pricing and availabilities!


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