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Please note that sea freight, air freight and air courier charges for
shipments from USA have increased dramatically since late 2022!!
Prices listed below are indicative only and are subject to change
without notice or obligation due to exchange rate variations.
Freighting or mailing of antennas/accessories is at extra cost.
Prices are confirmed for Tarheel products currently in stock.

Updated 17-03-23

Tarheel mobile motorised antennas

Example of a Little Tarheel II mobile antenna installation

Optional LONG LT-56 56"/1.42m stainless steel (s/s) whip...Sold out!

Optional LONG LT-56B 56"/1.42m BLACK stainless steel whip...Sold out!

Please note that it can be very expensive to supply Tarheel s/s whips.

Above optional (longer) s/steel whips increase the Little Tarheel's already good performance on all bands; especially so on the 3.5 & 7MHz bands!

We don't recommend mounting antennas >1m long on heavy vehicles!
We don't recommend mounting >1m long antennas on diesel vehicles.

Type Price $(AUD)
Little Tarheel II antenna; 3.5~54MHz, 200W rated. Maximum/extended length is 1.37m (54") with standard included stainless steel whip. Longer stainless steel whips are available at extra cost in mill finish and also in black finish. (See above LT-56/LT-56B). $P.O.A.
Sold out!

Place your order!
M40A-HP Package; 7~32MHz, 1.5kW rated, 2.44m (8 ft.) max. $P.O.A.
M75A Package; 3.5~30MHz, 250W rated, 2.44m (8 ft.) max. $P.O.A.
M100A-HP Package; 3.2~29MHz, 1.5kW rated, 3.35m (11 ft.) max. $P.O.A.
M200A-HP-Package; 3.2~26MHz, 1.5kW rated, 3.65m (12 ft.) max. $P.O.A.
M300A Package; 1.7~28MHz, 250W rated, 3.45m (11'4") max. $P.O.A.
M400A Package; 1.6~26MHz, 250W rated, 3.65m (12 ft. ) max. $P.O.A.
KD-T Whip Quick Twist Disconnect adaptor. $P.O.A.
All above antennas are "Screwdriver motor" driven tuneable antennas.  
Most models require deposit w/order. Freighting to you is at extra cost.  
Pricing is based on seafreighting from the USA and is subject to change due to exchange rate variations.
Airfreighting/airmailing to you would be an extra cost.
$P.O.A. means  AUD Price On Application.
MFJ's MFJ-1924 (Ameritron SDC-102) 10-memory programmable controllers will work with above Tarheel screwdriver motor antennas! See our MFJ page

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