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Base station antennas installed in high wind speed areas should be guyed

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27 MHz CB base station antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
VSM-27 Half-wave heavy duty vertical,  5.3m long. Has 3dBi gain.
Sold out!
Sold out!
VR-27 Heavy duty 5/8-wave 27MHz vertical with four 2.7m radials, 6.7m long. Has 4dBd gain. Sold out!  $329.00
Sold out!
Duoro antenna baluns and coax patch leads
Type Price $(AUD)
1.7MHz to 70MHz 1:1, ferrite, heavy duty, current balun, 4kW SSB.
In stock
Coax patch lead with 90cm of RG-58c/u have 2 x PL-259s fitted/tested $19.00 ea.
Coax patch lead w/90cm of foam RG-58c/u w/2 x PL-259s fitted/tested $20.00 ea.
Coax patch lead w/90cm RG-58c/u w/PL-259 and BNC-M fitted/tested $25.00 ea.

Instructions for attaching an N-type connector.
Kindly supplied by RF Industries Australia Pty Ltd

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