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ZCG UHF CB and 27MHz CB base or mobile antennas

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Base station verticals installed in high wind speed areas should be guyed.
An additional freight charge will be applied for ordered ZCG products,
if we cannot include them in a regular shipment from ZCG.
Freighting of antennas or accessories is at extra cost.
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Updated 29-03-22


ZCG UHF CB "All black" ZN3-77-06BLKR
mobile antenna package!

 All-new ZCG "all black" SG477-BLKR  is a ground independent UHF
CB mobile super-thick fibreglass radome antenna. Fitted with 5m
of low-loss RG-58 coaxial cable and FME female connector. Has
FME to PL-259 plug adaptor. Length is 60.5cm. Package includes heavy-duty spring. Handles 100W. Gain; 2.1dBi. Price...A$249.


ZCG UHF CB "All black" SG-477BLKR mobile antenna!

The "all black" SG477-BLKR  is a ground independent UHF CB 
mobile fibreglass radome antenna. It is 90cm long with a
PL-259 plug fitted and has 2.1dBi gain. Price...A$199.


Type Price $(AUD)
ZCG 8dBi fibreglass vertical, 2.5m long, 100W rated, N-F (ZN2-77-06) $279.00
ZCG 11dBi fibreglass vertical, 3.3m long, 100W rated, N-F (ZN2-77-09) $379.00
ZCG UV1SS Stainless steel high quality U-bolt with saddle, 50mm OK $24.00

ZCG UHF CB "on glass" adhesive mobile antennas

These antennas are tuneable from 390~520MHz using the trimmer capacitor inside the junction box. Tune with a UHF SWR meter...

Each antenna kit includes alchohol wipes, adhesive pads AND 4.5m of low loss stranded RG-58 coaxial cable with a mini-UHF connector
fitted for plugging into the junction box.
A connector to suit your radio is optional at extra cost (e.g. PL-259).


Type Price $(AUD)
ZCG OZU-1 "on glass" mobile antenna with 5.1dBi gain. Has 15MHz bandwidth and accepts up to 50W RF. Cut-to-tune whip is 56cm long $149.00
ZCG OZU-3 "on glass" mobile antenna with 2.1dBi gain. Has 20MHz bandwidth and accepts up to 30W RF. Cut-to-tune whip is 23cm long $149.00

ZCG ZG140 black ground plane independent
27MHz (AM/SSB) CB mobile antenna!


Type Price $(AUD)
Black base-loaded fibreglass whip with 4.5m of RG-58 and PL-259 connector. Length 1.6m. Has 2.1dBi gain. Model ZG140. No ground plane required! Replacement whip, ZG-140W, is also available...A$59.

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An additional freight charge for ordered ZCG products will be applied, if we cannot include them in a regular shipment from ZCG.  

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