Andrews antennas


Factory direct importing from TAIWAN and China. Over six thousand sold!
Andrews antennas are factory centre-frequency tuned to 51MHz (6m), 146MHz (2m) and 435MHz (70cm)...where they cover those bands. 


ACS- SBB dualband mobile antenna series from A$39!!

ACS-SBB-7 dualband high-gain mobile antenna...A$79

Please order by phone; 02 9688 4301/9636 9060/9896 8972,
by fax; 02 96881995, by email;
or by mail; P.O. Box 240, Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145.

Base station verticals installed in high wind speed areas should be guyed.
We despatch Andrews antenna orders two to three times daily!

Updated 20-10-14

Guaranteed high quality!

Fibreglass 2m and 2m/70cm base station verticals

NEW! ACS X-30N, X-50N, X-200N , X-510N and X700HN

X-510M-ACS 2m/70cm base station vertical antenna...A$269

Type Price $(AUD)
F-23-ACS 2m triple-5/8-wave vertical, 7.8dBi, 4.6m tall - excellent! $199.00
X-30-ACS 2m/70cm 3/5.5dB - like Diamond X-30 - 1.3m - superb!  $99.00
X-30N-ACS 2m/70cm 3/5.5dB - like Diamond X-30N - 1.3m - superb!
Plenty due in our massive December shipment!
Sold!   $99.00
X-50-ACS 2m/70cm 4.5/7.2dB - like Diamond X-50 - 1.7m - superb!
Plenty due in our massive December shipment!
Sold! $109.00
X-50N-ACS 2m/70cm 4.5/7.2dB - like Diamond X-50N- 1.7m - superb!
Plenty due in our massive December shipment!
Sold! $109.00
X-200-ACS 2m/70cm 6/8dB - like Diamond X-200 - 2.5m - superb!   $199.00
X-200N-ACS 2m/70cm 6/8dB-like Diamond X-200N - 2.5m - superb!    $199.00
X-300-ACS 2m/70cm 6.5/9dB - like Diam. X-300 - 3.1m - superb!   $219.00
X-300N-ACS 2m/70cm 6.5/9dB - like Diam. X-300 - 3.1m - superb!  $219.00
X-510M-ACS 2m/70cm 8.3/11.7dB-like Diam. X-510M- 5.2m - superb! $269.00
X-510N-ACS 2m/70cm 8.3/11.7dB-like Diam. X-510N- 5.2m - superb!   $269.00
NEW! X-700HN-ACS 2m/70cm 9.3/13dB, 7.2m long, 200W, 4-sections, hardened fibreglass, N-socket - like X-700H - superb quality!
Base station verticals installed in high wind speed areas must be guyed
X-85-ACS 2m band (146MHz centred) fibreglass high gain (8.5dB), 4m long antenna. Genuinely high quality and very strong (35mm diameter fibreglass tube at ant. base) commercial-radio type base station vertical antenna! Has SO-239 socket. Easy 2-section assembling...
Requires double U-bolts for mounting (not included). Base station verticals installed in high wind speed areas must be guyed.

Guaranteed high quality!

Fibreglass triband base station verticals - superb quality!

X-6000N-ACS 2m/70cm/23cm base station vertical...A$199

Type Price $(AUD)
GP-15N-ACS 6m/2m/70cm, 3/6.2/8.6dBi gain, 2.4m long.
Yes, it has an N-type socket fitted!!
Excellent quality!
Plenty due in our massive December shipment!
Sold out!
X-6000N-ACS 2m/70cm/23cm, 6.5/9/10dBi gain, 3.05m long.  Yes, it has an N-type socket fitted!! Excellent quality!   $199.00

Super-broadband HF~6m, Dualband (2m/70cm) and

Triband (6m/2m/70cm) mobile stainless steel whips!!

BB2M-ACS super-broadband HF~6m mobile s/s antenna...A$199

SB-15-ACS Triband 6m/2m/70cm mobile s/s whip antenna...A$99

ACS-SBB-1 short mobile dualband antenna...A$39

ACS-SBB-7 mobile high-gain dualband antenna...A$79

Type Price $(AUD)
SBB-1-ACS 2m/70cm 1.5/2.15dB black s/s mobile whip, 41cm long.  $39.00
SBB-2-ACS 2m/70cm 2.15/3.8dB black s/s mobile whip, 46cm long. $39.00
SBB-5-ACS 2m/70cm 3/5.5dB black mobile whip, 95cm. Limited stock! $59.00
SBB-7-ACS 2m/70cm 4.5/5.5dB black mobile s/s whip, 1.38m long.  $79.00
BB2M-ACS 7~30MHz + 50MHz super-broadband mobile antenna is 1.5m long and weighs 800g. It has a M-P (PL-259) plug integrated into its base section. Receive range is 3MHz~100MHz. Has internal PL-259. $199.00
NR-770R-ACS 2m/70cm 2.15/5.5dB mobile whip, 0.98m (not black) $39.00
SB-15-ACS 6m/2m/70cm 2.15/4.5/7.2dB mobile whip, 1.5m $99.00

Guaranteed high quality!

Dualband (2m/70cm) mobile s/s whips!

Triband (6m/2m/70cm) mobile s/s whips!!

 Quadband (10m/6m/2m/70cm) mobile s/s whips!!!

SG-7500-ACS 2m/70cm mobile stainless steel (s/s) antenna...A$79

Type Price $(AUD)
CR-8900-ACS QUADBAND 10m/6m/2m/70cm, 60W rated, 1.26m long stainless steel (s/s) whip antenna. Gain 2.15dBi 2m/5.5dBi 70cm. Sold!
Plenty due in our massive December shipment!!
Sold out!
SG-7000-ACS 2m/70cm 2.15/3.5dB mobile whip, 47cm.  $39.00
SG-7100R-ACS 2m/70cm 2.15/4.8dB mobile whip, 62cm long. $39.00
SG-7200-ACS 2m/70cm 3.2/5.7dB mobile whip, 96cm long. Sold out!
Plenty due in our massive December shipment!!
Sold! $49.00
SG-7400-ACS 2m/70cm 2.15/5.5dB mobile whip, 99cm long. $59.00
SG-7500-ACS 2m/70cm 3.5/6dB mobile whip, 1.06m long $79.00
SG-7700-ACS 2m/70cm 4.3/6.8dB mobile whip, 1.27m long Now...$89.00
SG-7900-ACS 2m/70cm 5/7.6dB mobile whip, 1.58m long.
Highest performing dual-band whip at a most reasonable price!
SG-9700-ACS NEW! 6m/2m (3dBi)/70cm (5.8dBi) TRIBAND mobile whip, 1.07m long.
(S/S = stainless steel whip sections)

Dualband and triband handheld whips from only A$19!

SRH-771-ACS high performance 2m/70cm whip antenna...A$29

Type Price $(AUD)
Rocket Brand (JA) Triband 6m-2m-70cm SMA h/h whip, 14.5cm long $19.00
SRH-701-ACS 2m/70cm SMA handheld whip, 21cm long. $19.00
SRH-771-ACS 2m/70cm SMA handheld whip, 39cm long.
Also tuned for 120/150/300/450/900MHz bands - receive only. 
SRH-789-ACS 95~1100MHz SMA telescopic handheld whip, 2.15dBi gain 95~300MHz, 3.2dB gain 300~1100MHz, 80.5~19.5cm, 6-sections $49.00
SRH-805-ACS 2m/70 SMA mini-stubby handheld whip, 4.5cm $29.00
SRH-940-ACS 6m/2m/70cm triband SMA handheld whip, 45cm $39.00
RH-771-ACS 2m/70cm BNC handheld whip, 39cm long. $29.00

***ALL NEW***

Discone antenna, extension speaker and mobile bracket

D-130-ACS discone...A$149

Type Price $(AUD)
D130-ACS Discone antenna, 25~1300MHz, SO-239, 1.7m high $149.00
ES-10 Extension speaker with lead and 3.5mm mono plug (Avair) $19.00
EM-B80 Mobile mounting bracket (Maldol) $29.00

Diplexer and 3-position antenna switch

MX-72 Diplexer

$59.00 AUD
In stock!

One port covers 1.6-30MHz (1kW SSB rated)/140-150MHz (400W SSB) and the other port covers 400-460MHz (250W SSB rated).


CO-301 3-position antenna switch

$99.00 AUD
In stock!
  • DC-500MHz only 0.05dB loss,    -70dB port to port isolation
  • 500MHz to 1GHz; 0.1dB loss,
    -60dB port to port isolation
  • Maximum power ratings;
    DC-30MHz 2kW, 30MHz-200MHz 1kW, 200MHz-500MHz 500W
    and 500MHz-1GHz 250W
  • SO-239 sockets (x4) fitted

Insurance cover for goods in transit is available from us for only $2 per $100 value of goods. Please advise us if you require this option when ordering.

Please consider insurance because we are not responsible for loss of parcels or damage sustained by parcels - the carrier is responsible! We do pack well!

Please do NOT write <fragile> on anything you send to us as doing so greatly increases the risk of damage. Please try to "double-box" all products sent to us.

SMA coaxial plug/socket adaptors

Andrews SMA-M male plug to SO-239 (UHF-F) socket adaptor...A$19

Type Price $(AUD)
SMA-M male plug (at front of adaptor) to BNC socket (rear) adaptors $12.00 each
SMA-F socket (at front of adaptor) to BNC socket (rear) adaptors, for China-made handheld transceivers $12.00 each
SMA-M male plug (at front) to SO-239 socket (rear) adaptors $19.00 each
SMA-M plug (at front) to BNC socket (rear) BLACK adaptors (weather-proof) $15.00 each
Lightning arrestors
Type Price $(AUD)
CA-35R-ACS Lightning arrestor - similar to Diamond CA-35R $39.00
Dummy load
Type Price $(AUD)
DL-30A-ACS 50 ohm dummy load, 30W rated, good to 600MHz  $49.00
Antenna mounting brackets
Type Price $(AUD)
Gutter-Grip (GG) bracket, chromed, similar to Benelec 02726A $20.00
MB-TRW Boot/edge mount, black, low profile, has rubber feet
Plenty due in massive December shipment!!
Sold out!
Strong stainless steel mirror/roof bar bracket, similar to GME MB401SS $12.00


UHF CB 477MHz+2m band X-477 DUALBAND base station
vertical antenna has 12.7dBi gain on UHF CB...A$299


(This is a special version of the X-510N-ACS 2m/70cm vertical)

Type Price $(AUD)
NEW! ANDREWS X-477 fibreglass highest gain 12.7dBi base antenna. Genuine high quality and strong 5.2m long fibreglass base station vertical antenna! Has N-socket. Easy 3-section assembling. 2m 8.7dBi! $299.00

Andrews all-black 477MHz UHF CB 7.5dBi mobile antenna
Type Price $(AUD)
Black elevated feed tube with black fibreglass whip and 3.7m of RG-58 with FME connector and PL-259 adaptor. Length 1.28m. Has 7.5dBi gain $129.00

Andrews UHF 477MHz CB + AM 27MHz CB
complete DUALBAND mobile antenna package!
Type Price $(AUD)
Andrews dual-band black fibreglass 1.5m long whip with 5dB gain on UHF CB, base/lead/plug and special 27MHz/477MHz diplexer $129.00

Mobile UHF CB mobile whips

Made in Australia for Andrews Communications
Type Price $(AUD)
Andrews black fibreglass, 5/16" ferrule, 4.5db gain (1 coil), 62cm long $19.00
Andrews stainless steel, 5/16" ferrule 4.5db gain (1 coil), 62cm long $19.00

Instructions for attaching an N-type connector.
Kindly supplied by RF Industries Australia Pty Ltd

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