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Base station verticals installed in high wind speed areas should be guyed.
Antennas listed below represent a very small part of our antenna range.
Please do not overtighten antenna grub screws or apply any glue.
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Updated 19-04-18

TET-EMTRON TEV-1 broadband vertical...A$249
Plenty in stock!

OPEK HVT-600 mobile multi-tapped whip...A$199
Plenty in stock!

Covers 80m-40m-30m-20m-17m-15m-12m-10m-6m-2m
amateur bands. Max. length is 1.756m. Built-in PL-259.

***SCOOP PURCHASE...A$2 each!***

ALINCO EA-0088 70cm BNC h/held whip, 10cm (left)...A$2 ea.
ALINCO EA-0058 2m BNC h/held whip, 15cm (right)...A$2 ea.

Suitable for all 70cm or 2m handheld transceivers w/BNC socket

Radio Oasis G5RV antennas info in chart below...

Radio Oasis "Junior" G5RV, 40m~10m, 51 ft.
(15.5m) long broadband half-size dipole with
16 ft. (4.9m) of #18 ladder line...A$139.
Sold out! Shipment due soon...

Radio Oasis "Senior" G5RV, 160m~10m, 204 ft.
(63m) long broadband double-size dipole with
63 ft (19.2m) of #18 ladder line...A$299.
In stock!


Type Price $(AUD)
ARROW antennas are available from USA only on your order w/deposit  
ARROW 146/437-10 handheld type yagi antenna for satellite operation! $299.00
ARROW 146/437-BP has split boom and includes carry bag $299.00
ARROW Mk.II 146/437-10WBP has 10W diplexer, split boom, cable $349.00
ARROW 10W diplexer - available separately $169.00
ARROW products require deposit with order. Delivery is 1~3 months. Call us
Butternut HF-2V 80m-40m high-performance, 9.8m long, vertical.
Available from the USA on your order with deposit.
Butternut HF-6VX 80-40-30-20-15-10m vertical, 7.9m tall.
Available from the USA on your order with deposit.
Butternut HF-9V 80-40-30-20-17-15-12-10-6m vertical, 7.9m tall
Available from the USA on your order with deposit.
Butternut GRK Ground Radial Kit (comprises multiple radial wires)
Available from the USA on your order with deposit.
Coaxial cables/plugs are on our Antenna Accessories & Benelec pages Call us...
Egg insulators (use w/wire antennas), small black plastic type.
In stock almost all of the time!
$1.00 ea.
Elongated egg insulators (use w/wire antennas), large white plastic.
In stock almost all of the time!
$3.00 ea.
Hustler 4BTV 40-20-15-10m vertical, 6.5m tall.
Plenty in stock!
Hustler 5BTV 80-40-20-15-10m vertical, 7.5m tall
Plenty in stock!
Hustler 6BTV 80-40-30-20-15-10m vertical, 7.3m tall
Plenty in stock!
MFJ-1792 80/40m vertical, 33 feet (10m) tall. Accepts 1.5kW SSB.
We believe there is no better 80/40m vertical available for <A$470.
Available from the USA on your order with deposit.
MFJ-1793 80/40/20m vertical, 33 feet (10m) tall. Accepts 1.5kW SSB.
We believe there is no better 80/40/20m vertical available for <A$500.
In stock!
In stock!
OPEK HVT-600B NEW mobile 80m~2m multi-tapped whip in stock!
In stock almost all of the time! A very popular mobile antenna, indeed!
PNH-22 Deluxe telescoping fibreglass mast, 7-section 6.4m long.
Limited or no stock.
Radio Oasis G5RV/JUNIOR 40m-10m 51 ft. (15.5m) long broadband dipole with 16'/4.9m of heavy-duty 450-ohm ladder line and SO-239.
Main transmitting bands; 40m, 20m, 15m & 10m!
Useable on 30m, 17m & 12m WARC bands if using an antenna tuner.
Requires coax cable from antenna to radio.
In stock!

In stock!
Radio Oasis G5RV/SENIOR 160m-10m 204 ft. (62m) long broadband dipole with 63'/19.2m of heavy-duty 450-ohm ladder line and SO-239.
Main transmitting bands; 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 & 10m!
Useable on 30m, 17m & 12m WARC bands if using an antenna tuner.
Requires coaxial cable from antenna to radio. This antenna can be erected as an inverted-V with a minimum included angle of 120.
In stock!

In stock!
TET-Emtron TEV-1 HF broadband vertical! Comprises 6-sections of 1.5m long aluminium telescoping tubing. Total length is 8.5m (28 ft.). Includes two U-bolts. Accepts mast diameters of up 32mm.
We recommend fitting a 4:1 balun at the base of this popular untuned  base station vertical antenna for closer matching to your coax & tuner.
In stock!
In stock!
TET-Emtron TEV-1 BAL-BRAK Aluminium mounting bracket kit.
This kit allow easy mounting of several popular antenna balun models.
In stock almost all of the time.
In stock!
USA 2" diameter 3/8" 24tpi heavy duty ball-mount antenna base.
In stock almost all of the time.
In stock now!
Search antennas from MFJ and other manufacturers on our antenna pages. We stock Australia's widest range of amateur radio antennas!
Prices subject to change without notice or obligation due to exchange rate variations and are based on seafreighting (from USA)!
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Some recommendations re installing HF multiband vertical antennas...


If you have access to a flat, or slightly pitched, metal roof then you should mount your HF vertical on top of a 3m long metal pole that is placed in the centre of that roof. The larger the surface area of a shed's roof, then the higher the HF vertical should be mounted above that roof in order to reduce the increased radio wave reflection caused by that roof's larger metal surface area.
Doing so will reduce the radiation angle and will also reduce detuning of the antenna (downwards in frequency).
In this example, the guying radials don't need to be metal and, in fact, there is no need for them to be metal.
Polyester rope of, say 6mm in diameter, is recommended for guying.
If you're mounting your HF vertical on a full metal shed then you should ground the shed in at least two diagonally opposing corners.


If you want to reduce your HF vertical's ground losses but not increase its angle of radiation then you should mount your vertical on top of a 3m-4m long metal pole. Ensure the metal pole is properly grounded.
Try not to mount your vertical at, or just above, ground level!
Next, run 4 or more wire radials (these can also be used as guy wires) from just under the HF vertical down to ground level at an angle of between 20 to 50 degree angle (measured from horizontal up).
An angle of 45 degrees is best, for several technical reasons.
Next, place a circle of wire at ground level - ensuring your vertical's mounting pole is in the centre of that circle. Where the wire radials meet the ground attach those ends of each wire radial along this circle, with equal spacing. Doing so will form a skeletal conically shaped ground plane.
This arrangement reduces the need to install one or more 1/4 wavelength long (+5%, less K factor) ground plane radials per band, whilst still providing a good ground plane effect.


Obtain three (3) 4m long lengths of, say 19mm diameter with 1.6mm wall thickness, aluminium tubes. Drill two closely spaced holes halfway along each tube to allow for the fitting of one U-bolt per tube.
We recommend physically strengthening each radial by inserting up to a 1m long aluminium tube (say 16mm dia. x 1.6mm thick) inside each tube, centred within the 19mm dia. aluminium tubes, before drilling. 
Fit one U-bolt at this halfway point along each tube, ensuring each U-bolt will clamp around the vertical antenna's supporting metal pole. 
Next, loosely clamp all three tubes to the mounting pole, just underneath the vertical antenna's mounting point.
Splay the tubes out evenly (60 degrees apart), then tighten all three U-bolts. This arrangement will create six (6) 2m long radials spaced 60 degrees apart.
To enhance the ground plane effect, simply clamp multi-stranded wire from one radial's tip to the next radial's tip, thereby forming a circle. The ground plane assembly will then look similar to a "wagon wheel" (or skeletal ground plane) when viewed from above or below.
This assembly approximates the effective ground plane found in average suburban areas. Commercially manufactured multiband HF verticals are tuned for operation in average ground reflectivity areas.

4. If you want to adjust the height of your multiband vertical to the optimum height then you should use a telescoping tubing mast. Many amateurs have found that it's best to test the antenna at every 50cm level of height (or at least every metre) when the antenna is mounted on top of a metal ground plane (e.g. a roof). Check the resonant frequency (which is often the point of lowest swr) on every operational band and also check the antenna's receiving performance. A beacon is usually a good indicator, as most beacons are constantly transmitting.

The higher a vertical is mounted above a ground plane, the lower will be the effective angle of radiation. The higher the frequency, the higher the antenna should be mounted, in order to achieve a lower angle of radiation. You should record signal levels daily on all the operational bands of the antenna, noting signal peaks on those bands at different antenna heights!  

Check the antenna's receiving performance on each band over several days before making subsequent height adjustments. About 2.5~3m in height is best for average length 80~10m verticals (6~8m long) and 3.5~4m for longer (9m+ long) 80~10m verticals when mounted above a good sized metal ground plane, such as a metal house roof, carport or garage.
Thanks to Phil Haig for the above "optimum antenna height" info!


Instructions for attaching an N-type connector.
Kindly supplied by RF Industries Australia Pty Ltd

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