Maldol antennas and accessories

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by fax; 02 96881995, by email;
or by mail; P.O. Box 240, Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145.

Limited stock or no stock of most models.
One year warranty. Updated 26-03-18.
Freighting or mailing is at extra cost.
Base station verticals installed in high
wind speed areas should be guyed.

Maldol fibreglass base vertical antennas from A$99 ea.!
Type Price $(AUD)
HVU-8 80m-40m-20m-15m-10m-6m-2m-70cm vertical black fibreglass antenna. Operates as a vertical 1/4-wave 80m~6m, a 1/2-wave 2m (2.15dBi) and 2 x 5/8-wave on 70cm (5.5dBi). Handles up to 200W SSB/50W CW on 80m~6m and up to 150W FM on 2m-70cm.

Covers 3.5~3.575 (22kHz BW), 7~7.1, 14~14.35, 21~21.45, 28~29.7 (260kHz), 50~52 (1.3MHz BW), 144~146, 430~440MHz. 2.6m long.

Should be mounted >1.5m above ground. Tuneable on each band.

The HVU-8 and Diamond's CP-VU8 are the only 80~70cm base station vertical antennas we sell which are specifically designed to operate properly on a metal balcony railing (i.e. a very poor ground plane)!!

VT-120D 2m/70cm, 2.15/5.5dBi, 1.19m long! Radial-less!!
Limited or no stock!
Maldol HF mobile antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
HMC-6S 40/15/10/6m (all 1/4-wave), 2m/70cm 2.15dB/5.3dB, 1.8m   Sold out
HMC-35C 80m coil option  $29.00
HMC-14C 20m coil option  $29.00
Maldol mobile mounting brackets, etc. - only A$29 each!

EM-B80 Mini gutter grip...A$29

Type Price $(AUD)
EM-B80 Mini gutter grip mount, has 2 axes tilt. $29.00
PRM-R Black gutter grip mount, tiltable $29.00
PRM-T Black boot mount, tiltable $29.00
PRM-L Black roof rail mount, tiltable $29.00
MS-2D10 In-line SO-239 socket, coax lead and SMA plug fitted! $29.00
Maldol SMA handheld antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
AS-20F (flexible) 2m/70cm, 22cm long $39.00
Maldol SMA adaptors
Type Price $(AUD)
SMA-M plug (front),  BNC-F jack (rear), black  $12.00
BNC-M plug (front), SMA-F jack (rear), black  $12.00

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