Maldol antennas and accessories

Base station verticals installed in high wind speed areas must be guyed.
Very limited stock or no stock of most models. One year warranty.
Freighting or mailing is at extra cost.
Updated 06-06-19.

Please order by phone; 02 9688 4301/9636 9060/9896 8972,
by email; or by mail;
P.O. Box 240, Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145.

Maldol fibreglass base vertical antennas from A$99 ea.!
Type Price $(AUD)
HVU-8 80m-40m-20m-15m-10m-6m-2m-70cm vertical black fibreglass antenna. Operates as a vertical 1/4-wave 80m~6m, a 1/2-wave 2m (2.15dBi) and 2 x 5/8-wave on 70cm (5.5dBi). Handles up to 200W SSB/50W CW on 80m~6m and up to 150W FM on 2m-70cm.

Covers 3.5~3.575 (22kHz BW), 7~7.1, 14~14.35, 21~21.45, 28~29.7 (260kHz), 50~52 (1.3MHz BW), 144~146, 430~440MHz. 2.6m long.

Should be mounted >1.5m above ground. Tuneable on each band.

The HVU-8 and Diamond's CP-VU8 are the only 80~70cm base station vertical antennas we sell which are specifically designed to operate properly on a metal balcony railing (i.e. a very poor ground plane)!!

VT-120D 2m/70cm, 2.15/5.5dBi, 1.19m long! Radial-less!!
Limited or no stock!
Maldol HF mobile antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
HMC-6S 40/15/10/6m (all 1/4-wave), 2m/70cm 2.15dB/5.3dB, 1.8m   Sold out
HMC-35C 80m coil option  $29.00
HMC-14C 20m coil option  $29.00
Maldol mobile mounting brackets, etc. - only A$29 each!

EM-B80 Mini gutter grip...A$29

Type Price $(AUD)
EM-B80 Mini gutter grip mount, has 2 axes tilt. $29.00
PRM-R Black gutter grip mount, tiltable $29.00
PRM-T Black boot mount, tiltable $29.00
PRM-L Black roof rail mount, tiltable $29.00
MS-2D10 In-line SO-239 socket, coax lead and SMA plug fitted! $29.00
Maldol SMA handheld antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
AS-20F (flexible) 2m/70cm, 22cm long $39.00
Maldol SMA adaptors
Type Price $(AUD)
SMA-M plug (front),  BNC-F jack (rear), black  $12.00
BNC-M plug (front), SMA-F jack (rear), black  $12.00

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