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All our second hand stock has a one month warranty and excludes output devices. YES, you can trade in your old radio gear when purchasing new equipment! Output devices are not warranted. Some products are new!

Yes, we will trade in telescopes on radios and vice-a-versa. All used gear is checked by our radio technicians and is in excellent working order.

We mail order worldwide - contact us now to order!

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Even more good used transceivers, power supplies,

antenna tuners and
scanning receivers have

just arrived...and all are with warranty!

Used/New radio equipment...updated 24/01/18

(Highlighted in bold blue colour)

All with one month warranty excluding o/p devices

Amateur radio transceivers/amplifiers are highlighted in bold type


ALL versions of Yaesu FL-2000/B & 2100/B/Z valve
 HF linear amplifiers (uses 2 x 572B), working or not,
complete or not! Bandswitches, meters, etc., needed.

Type Condition Price $(AUD)
ACOM A1000 1kW SSB output 160m~6m heavy duty valve linear amplifier. In near new condition. Only a few months old and includes the full original factory warranty (2 yr./1yr.)!!

excellent $4199.00
ALINCO DJ-G7T 2m-70cm-23cm triband handheld transceiver.
Includes original box, original manual, etc. Special inclusion; RT Systems APK-G7-USB programming kit (valued at A$129).

excellent $399.00
ALINCO EDS-5 Extension mic lead, suits DX-70 transceivers average $39.00
ALINCO EDS-6 Remote control lead assembly is 4.5m long and suits DX-70 series transceivers very good $59.00
AMERITRON ATP-102 "Pulsed tuning" box for linear amplifiers excellent $59.00
AN-3 3-position SO-239 coax antenna slide switch, for HF only good Now $9.00
AOI ECM-1025 Electret condensor mics w/tie clasps (2 avail.) good $10 each
AOR AR-8200Mk.3 Superwideband handheld scanning receiver

excellent $499.00
CVS-50J amplifier good $79.00
DIAMOND D303 Discone antenna - for receiving only. Covers 0.5~200MHz and is 1.56m high. excellent  $99.00
DSE High voltage power supply, Q1760. Adjustable up to 30V @ 5A. Has twin analogue meters; one indicates voltage level and the other one indicates current drawn.

very good $99.00
DYMEK DA100D in-line stepped level RF attenuator very good $29.00
EIMAC 4CX-1500B New Old Stock. 1.5kW dissipation tetrode

excellent $199.00
FM wireless mics. (two available) good $19 each
GARMIN Battery for iQM5 GPS unit NEW $5.00
GARMIN CC-17 Carry case (2 available) NEW $2 each
GARMIN CC-21 Carry case NEW $2.00
GARMIN GA-27C NEW $19.00
GARMIN LE-38 NEW $2.00
GARMIN MKT-11 (5 available) NEW $2 each
GARMIN MKT-38 Nav. kit excellent $5.00
GME BCT-005 (4 avail.) excellent $10 ea.
GME BP-012 Battery - suits RX-1300 scanner, etc. excellent $29.00
GME BP-1700 Battery - suits TX-630/680/6100 excellent $49.00
GME Dual-port drop in charger, suits TX-650 UHF CB h/held excellent $19.00
GME GR-9000 (2 avail.) Incomplete packages - ask us! excellent $129 ea.
GME GD-9520 excellent $149.00
GME GR-9040B excellent $99.00
GME TX-3540S UHF CB 5W 80 ch. UHF CB mobile transceiver

excellent $269.00
GME TX-6500S 5W 80ch. UHF handhelds (2 available). Each complete with drop-in charger, two antennas & op. manual!

excellent $299 each
HIGH SIERRA 2" chrome ball mount base NEW $49.00
HIGH SIERRA "CINCH" Quick-disconnect antenna adaptors NEW $49.00 ea.
ICOM AD-54 Desktop charging cradle good $15.00
ICOM CP-1 cigarette lighter charger lead assembly very good $10.00
ICOM MB-105 Front panel mounting bracket for an IC-7000, with original box  excellent  $15.00 
ICOM IC-7410 HF/6m 100W RF output all-mode base station transceiver with inbuilt automatic antenna tuner. Excellent condition. Requires 13.8Vdc @ 20A average current.

excellent  $1199.00 
ICOM IC-7851 HF/6m 200W RF output super deluxe base station transceiver in unmarked, mint, condition. Complete with IC-7851 instruction book, supplementary circuit description book, original packing box and handmic. Includes remainder of Icom Australia's transferable warranty and also a high quality fabric cover with embossed IC-7851 logo! Purchased new mid-2016 from an authorised Icom Australia dealer. Consignment sale. Radio is not at our shop. Please allow 1~2 days for the owner to bring the radio, etc., to our shop...

mint $9999
ICOM SP-33 External speaker box with packing box. Suits IC-718, IC-7300, IC-7410, etc. Bought new in Nov., 2017. excellent  $129.00
KENWOOD BT-14 Dry cell battery case - accepts 6 x AAs excellent $19.00
KENWOOD DC lead assembly w/in-line fuse. Suits TK-860G NEW $15.00
KENWOOD Handmic (non-DTMF) MC-45. Has modular plug and suits TM-261A/461A/741A, etc. good $19.00
KENWOOD KNB-15A Nicad battery pack, 7.2V @ 1100mA/h average $19.00
KENWOOD KSC-24 drop-in desk-top rapid charger average $69.00
KENWOOD MMB (Mobile Mounting Bracket). Suits TK-860G NEW $15.00
KENWOOD MMB (Mobile mounting bracket). Suits TS-450S good $39.00
KENWOOD MC-80 Desk mic very good $129.00
KENWOOD PB-43NL NiMH battery pack, 7.2V @ 1100mA/h excellent $39.00
KENWOOD TS-850S/AT HF all-mode transceiver.

excellent $799.00
Sale pending!

KENWOOD TS-870S/AT HF all-mode 100W transceiver
Available soon...!

very good $999.00
Available soon!
KENWOOD TS-2000 HF-6m-2m-70cm all-mode transceiver w/inbuilt ATU. Available soon... excellent Available soon
MAGELLAN eXplorist handheld GPS has compass/maps w/box very good $99.00
MFJ-462B Multi-mode decoder with scrolling LCD display very good $229.00
MIDLAND Model #70-2306 hand-mic BRAND NEW inc. box! NEW $29.00
MOBILE ONE "RAS" 5/16" male stud to 1/2" female adaptor good $10.00
MOTOROLA Battery (for FRS radio) and charger package excellent $10.00
PALSTAR AT-2K 2kW rated HF antenna tuner

excellent $699.00
POWERTECH MP-3098 20A average/22A peak @ 13.8Vdc power supply in white metal case - for 100W SSB radios.  

excellent  $129.00 
SCA Power inverter, 12VDC to 240VAC good $29.00
Speaker-mics - few only - they suit mostly Icom radios varies from $19.00
Super directional condensor mic., in carry case excellent $19.00
TOPTEK PA-888 220W SSB/100W AM output solid state HF linear amplifier w/receive preamp and 6-pos. output switch.
Will cover 3.5~30MHz but performs best from 10~30MHz.

excellent $199.00
UNIDEN UBCD-396XT DIGITAL handheld scanning receiver. Includes AC/DC plug-pack charger.

very good $279.00
UNIDEN UH-820SX-NB 80ch 2W UHF CB handheld excellent $79.00
UNIDEN UH-9000 UHF CB 80 ch. mobile transceiver w/box!

mint $199.00
UNIDEN BP-078 Li-ion 7.4V @ 1040mA/h battery pack  excellent $49.00
UNIDEN DUAL-PORT battery charger with AC plug pack, for charging BP-078 batteries (re UH-078, UH-076, handhelds) excellent $49.00
UNIDEN SM-060 speaker-mic (suits UH-065SX) NEW $19.00
UNIDEN Drop-in charger w/AC plug pack (suits UH-065SX) NEW $19.00
UNIDEN ZA-032 NiCd battery pack, 10.8V @ 500mA/h, in box excellent $19.00
VOICECRAFT DM-453 Handmic good $29.00
WATSON (Avair) WM-308 desk power mic. average $19.00
WESTON Marine 27MHz 6 ch. AM transceiver good $39.00
Wireless mics, small, short range, w/boxes (2 available) very good $39 each
YAESU FNB-72 Battery pack, 9.6V (suits FT-817 transceiver) good $19.00
YAESU FNB-79 BRAND NEW Nicad 2.4V @ 700mA/h battery packs (10 pcs. available). Suits VR-500 scanning receiver NEW $19 each
Yes, A$19!
(YAESU) FNB-102Li type battery -> ACS-FNB-102Li 7.4V @ 2,000mA/h Li-ion battery pack -> similar to Yaesu FNB-102Li excellent $49.00
YAESU FT-7900R 2m/70cm FM mobile transceiver.
Has working home-made remote control lead (front panel to main unit) and very short DC leads.

average $229.00
YAESU FT-991 HF~70cm all-mode 100W transceiver with colour TFT display and inbuilt ATU. Includes original operators handbook and original box. Requires 13.8Vdc @ 20A average

good $1199.00
YAESU MH-31B8. Suits FT-840/920/950/1000/2000 & most Yaesu transceivers with 8-pin round mic socket. Mic & box! excellent $49.00
YAESU MH-74A7A miniature speaker-mic excellent $49.00
(for YAESU) RT Systems ADMS-1200, for programming FTDX-1200. In original box. excellent $49.00
Images are for illustration purposes only and not necessarily representative of the appearance or condition of the product.
We do not reveal the identity of the owner of any equipment without the express permission of the owner.   

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