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  • Scanning receivers
  • Communications receivers
  • AM/SSB CB radios
  • GPS receivers
  • Test equipment
  • Base, mobile and handheld transceivers
  • Power supplies
  • Antenna tuners
  • Linear amplifiers
  • Desk microphones
  • Antennas and rotators
  • Batteries and accessories




All second hand stock we own has a one month warranty applying (except where noted) and excludes output devices. YES, you can trade in your old radio gear when purchasing new equipment! RF and audio output devices are not warranted. All listed products are subject to prior sale.
Any warranty (re second or subsequent owner status) re consignment stock is dependent upon the warranty terms & conditions applicable to second-hand ownership by the original supplier. In some instances, the remaining warranty period is transferable if the product is still within the original warranty period.

Consignment items don't include any warranty, as we act only as an agent for customers in selling consignment products on their behalf.

Please note; we don't disclose serial numbers of any new or used products.

All used gear is checked by our radio technicians and is in excellent working order. Yes, we will trade in telescopes on radios and vice-a-versa.

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 transceivers. Particularly wanting SSB transceivers.

Please contact us if you wish to sell, trade-in or
request us to sell on a consignment basis...

Even more good used amateur radio and CB radio

transceivers, power supplies, antennas and

accessories have arrived...and all

include one month warranty!

Updated 16-07-2024

Used, surplus, as-new & new radio equipment.

One month warranty excludes output devices.

Type Condition Price $(AUD)
ALINCO EBP-101 Lithium-ion D7.4V @ 1800mA/h battery
pack. Suits DJ-VX50 dualband handheld. Excellent condition!

excellent Only...$29
ALINCO EMS-8 Speaker-mic. Suits DJ-580, etc.
very good $39
AMERITRON AL-811HD Heavy-duty 160m~10m linear amplifier has up to 1,000W pep SSB RF output. Has 4 x 572B tubes. Complete with original box. (ACS). Sold new by us only 3 months ago and still in "like new" condition! Owner traded this amplifier in on a solid-state HF linear amplifier.

linear amplifiers Australia

like new $3499

In stock!

AMERITRON AL-811HD Heavy-duty 160m~10m linear amplifier has up to 1,000W pep SSB RF output. Has 4 x 572B tubes. Complete with original box. (ACS). In "like new" condition! Availability will be announced here...

linear amplifiers Australia


Availability will be announced here...

ANDREWS X-200M 2m/70cm base station vertical with SO-239 socket. Has 6dBi/8dBi gain. Sold new by us and returned as the SWR on 2m was claimed to be very high. Usual story whereby the coax and/or installation was at fault, as Lee checked antenna at his antenna test site and proved SWR on 2m & 70cm to be OK!! Includes Lee's characteristic SWR curves test results of this antenna!! very good Available soon!
AN-3 3-position SO-239 coax antenna slide switch.
For HF bands operation only
good Now $9
AOI ECM-1025 Electret condensor mics w/tie clasps (2 available) good $10 each
BENCHER YA-1 TVI low pass filter. For 160m~10m use.
average $79
DCI DCI-146/435DB Dual-band 2m/70cm BANDPASS FILTER MODULE. Already pre-tuned to 146MHz and 435MHz centre frequencies and is ready to install. Consignment sale!
DCI is a Canadian company.
Try this link for more

very good $299
 Consignment sale!
DELTA FORCE-wired Benelec generic mic. Model 07702.
Yes, this is a Benelec brand handmic wired for a Delta Force
very good $39
DIGITECH 5W 80-channel handheld UHF CB in original box with AC plug-pack charger and drop-in charger cradle, whip antenna and original instruction book Model DC-1065. excellent $99
DYMEK DA100D in-line stepped level RF attenuator very good $29
FM wireless mics. (two available) good $19 each
GARMIN Battery for iQM5 GPS unit NEW $5
GARMIN CC-17 Carry case (2 available) NEW $2 each
GARMIN CC-21 Carry case NEW $2
GARMIN MKT-11 (5 available) NEW $2 each
GARMIN MKT-38 Nav. kit excellent $5
GME BCT-005 (4 avail.) excellent $10 ea.
GME BP-1700 Battery - suits TX-630/680/6100 excellent $49
GME Dual-port drop in charger, suits TX-650 UHF CB h/held excellent $19
GME GR-9000 (2 avail.) Incomplete packages - ask us! excellent $129 ea.
GME GD-9520 excellent $149
GME GR-9040B excellent $99
GME SPK-04 Extension speaker excellent $20
GME TX-3540 UHF CB 80-channel 5W mobile transceiver has remote control mic with LCD display!

very good Now $269
HEIL AD-1-YM adaptor lead assembly. For Yaesu transceivers good $19
HIGH SIERRA 2" chrome ball mount base NEW $49
HIGH SIERRA "CINCH" Quick-disconnect antenna adaptors NEW $49 ea.
ICOM IC-7000 160m~70cm all-mode remoteable front panel mobile transceiver in excellent condition with original printed instruction handbook, packing box, HM-151 DTMF handmic and new DC lead assembly. Remote control cable kit not available. Included HM-151 has high spec. HC4 mic element fitted for enhanced SSB transmit audio quality! Includes RT Systems programming cable with WCS-7000 cloning software disc package! A rare find, overall!

excellent $1249
ICOM ID-52A 2m/70cm DStar/FM handheld transceiver.
Sold new by us only a month ago. Customer traded it in on a Yaesu FT-5DR which better suits his objectives. Has remainder of Icom Australia's standard 3-year warranty. Complete in original box with original printed handbook, BP-272 rechargeable battery pack, AC/DC charger, antenna, belt clip, etc. In as new condition!!

as new New low price!


(was A$799)



KENWOOD DC lead assembly w/in-line fuse. Suits TK-860G NEW $15
KENWOOD Handmic (non-DTMF) MC-45. Has modular plug and suits TM-261A/461A/741A, etc. good $19
KENWOOD KNB-15A Nicad battery pack, 7.2V @ 1100mA/h average $19
KENWOOD KSC-24 drop-in desk-top rapid charger average $69
KENWOOD MMB (Mobile Mounting Bracket). Suits TK-860G NEW $15
KENWOOD MMB (Mobile mounting bracket). Suits TS-450S good $39
KENWOOD PB-43NL NiMH battery pack, 7.2V @ 1100mA/h excellent $39
KENWOOD TM-2570 2m 50W mobile transceiver average $149
KENWOOD TS-430S --> available soon!
Includes new Benelec 07702BL black dynamic handmic
very good T.B.A.
MAGELLAN eXplorist handheld GPS has compass/maps w/box very good Now $49
MOTOROLA Battery (for FRS radio) and charger package excellent $10
RM ITALY BLA-1000 1kW RF output solid-state HF linear amplifier with inbuilt AC power supply and original box. (scotta/bruce 416001). In excellent condition. One year old.
ACS stock. ONE YEAR warranty applies.
Available soon...


excellent Available soon...
SCA Power inverter, 12VDC to 240VAC good $29
Speaker-mics - few only - they suit mostly Icom radios varies from $19
Super directional condensor mic., in carry case excellent $19
TOPTEK PA-150-05 UHF linear amplifier with low noise receiver preamplifier. This nice example delivers 130W RF output, not 150W, so its price is low. In excellent condition.

excellent Only $1199
TOPTEK PA-150-05 UHF linear amplifier with low noise receiver preamplifier. This nice example delivers 110W RF output, not 150W, so its price is low. In excellent condition.


excellent Only $999
UNIDEN BCD996XT Base/mobile digital/analog scanning receiver with telescopic whip antenna, programming lead, DC cable & cigarette lighter lead. APCO25 phase 1 digital.

Illustration of a similar appearance model
excellent $229
UNIDEN UH-820SX-NB 80ch 2W UHF CB handheld excellent $79
UNIDEN DUAL-PORT battery charger with AC plug pack, for charging BP-078 batteries (re UH-078, UH-076, handhelds) excellent $49
UNIDEN SM-060 speaker-mic (suits UH-065SX) NEW $19
UNIDEN Drop-in charger w/AC plug pack (suits UH-065SX) NEW $19
UNIDEN ZA-032 NiCd battery pack, 10.8V @ 500mA/h, in box excellent $19
Wireless mics, small, short range, w/boxes (2 available) very good $39 each
YAESU FNB-79 BRAND NEW Nicad 2.4V @ 700mA/h battery packs (10 pcs. available). Suits VR-500 scanning receiver NEW Now $19 each!
YAESU FT-857D 160m~70cm all-mode 100W remoteable transceiver with MH-59A8J DTMF handmic, original packing box, printed instruction manual and DC lead assembly.
In very good condition!

very good $999
YAESU MH-12A2B speaker-mic very good $29
YAESU MH-74A7A miniature speaker-mic excellent $49
YAESU SBR-24Li 7.4V @ 1mA/h Li-ion battery pack. Suits FT-70DR. Tested by us and confirmed to be excellent.
This battery pack has had little use!

(Currently, our price for a new SBR-24Li battery is A$99)

as new $49
Images are for illustration purposes only and do not necessarily represent the appearance or condition of the actual product for sale.
We do not reveal the identity of the previous owner of any equipment without the express written and signed permission by the previous owner.   

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