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Updated 22-03-18
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GSO 8" f/6, 1/12-wave, primary mirror - Needs recoating.
This mirror is subject to availability.


GSO 10" f/5, 1/12-wave, primary mirror - Needs recoating

GSO 12" f/5 GS-980 Newtonian/Dobsonian telescope package.
Includes two Plossl eyepieces. In excellent condition.
Has metal and plastic adjustable tension design.


MEADE DSI ProIII astrophotography camera. Includes filter slide accessory, AutoStar suite CD, Envisage image control software CD and USB cable.
In excellent condition!

The Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro III (DSI PRO 3) with Autostar Suite 04536 boasts a 1.4MP Monochrome (Black & White) Sony CCD Sensor that features high sensitivity for deep space imaging. The Meade DSI Pro III combines ease-of-use, higher resolution, wider field of view and lower thermal noise that deliver exceptional performance and quality images. The thermal monitoring sensors automatically match your dark frames to ambient temperature so it's nearly impossible to take an uncalibrated picture. The software includes a zoom feature for easier focusing and the square pixels of the new larger chip make processing simpler and images more beautiful than ever. With extremely low noise, the DSI Pro III is the world's best un-cooled astro imager.


SAXON 130 x 900 Newtonian OTA only! In its original box and is in very good condition. Black tube. Not Black Diamond.

OTA = Optical Tube Assembly. OTA does not include mount/tripod.

Now $169.00

SKYWATCHER 130 x 900 black Newtonian reflector with the EQ2 equatorial mount and tripod assembly


SKYWATCHER STAR EXPLORER AZ-GT computerised mount and tripod, complete with 130 x 650P
Newtonian OTA. Complete!
Normally A$799, or more!


SKYWATCHER 709AZ3 70 x 900 refractor on the strong AZ3
mount with adjustable height aluminium tripod, etc.
In excellent condition



SKYWATCHER AZ2 moulded alt-az mount w/aluminium tripod - NEW!

Now! $29.00

medium duty alt-az mount w/aluminium tripod.
We have many good examples in stock, with some in near-new condition!

From A$49 ea.

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