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Please check with us the day prior if you wish to purchase a large telescope
personally from our store, so we can ensure it will be in our store for you.

Updated 03-08-18


Omega 102mm x 660mm

$1999 AUD
 In stock!

Omega TRIPLET APO ED refractor 102mm x 660mm has Crayford style 10:1 microfocuser! Includes three Plossl 1.25" eyepieces of your choice, 45 prism diagonal, tube rings, 7x50 finderscope, Vixen style dovetail plate and aluminium case!

Optional mount and tripod package (shown above) is not included.


Insurance cover for goods in transit is available from us for only $2 per $100 value of goods. Please advise us if you require this option when ordering.

Please consider insurance because we are not responsible for loss of parcels or damage sustained by parcels as the carrier is responsible! We do pack well! If your order (e.g. telescope or binocular) is damaged in-transit by the freight company then you must claim on the freight company, not ourselves!!
Of course, if you have paid us for insurance then you simply claim on us. We are quick at resolving damage claims, compared to
many freight companies.

Please do NOT write <fragile> on anything you send to us as doing so greatly increases the risk of damage. Please try to "double-box" all products sent to us.

Please remember that warranty may be void if you internally disassemble any telescope, regardless of model.

BOSMA high grade Super Wide Angle eyepieces here!!

 2" 70 5-element eyepieces only A$99 each!

Limited stocks of some eyepieces


Type Price $(AUD)
SWA10, 10mm 1.25" 70 5-element eyepiece $79.00
SWA15, 15mm 1.25" 70 5-element eyepiece  $79.00
SWA20, 20mm 1.25" 70 5-element eyepiece $79.00
SWA26, 26mm 2" 70 5-element eyepiece Now...$99.00
SWA32, 32mm 2" 70 5-element eyepiece Now...$99.00
SWA38, 38mm 2" 70 5-element eyepiece Now...$99.00

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