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BA'ADER Planetarium HYPERION 68° eyepieces



Interchangeable anytime from 2" to 1.25"!!

Now only...A$199 each!



Ba'ader Hyperion 8mm~24mm Mk.3 ZOOM eyepiece

Now only...A$299


Ba'ader Hyperion 8mm~24mm Mk.4 ZOOM eyepiece!
Smaller, lighter & with smoother action. Now in stock!


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Type Price $(AUD)
Ba'ader Hyperion 68° 1.25" (2") eyepieces of 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 17mm, 21mm and 24mm focal lengths are usually in stock!
Above quoted focal lengths are for 1.25" configuration.
Focal lengths increase when these eyepieces used as 2" eyepieces.
 Now $199 ea.
Ba'ader aluminium frame hard case with seven (7) Hyperion eyepieces included! Now $1399.00
Ba'ader Hyperion T-adaptor; M43/T2  #2958080 $39.00
Ba'ader UHC-S 1.25" filter (Many other Ba'ader filters available...) UHC-S $129.00
Ba'ader MPCC Mk.III COMA CORRECTOR SET #2458402 includes...
1 x MPCC Mk.III lens #2458400A
1 x Expanding ring #2458110
1 x Fine tuning ring, 14mm #2958214
1 x Fine tuning ring, 28mm #2958228
1 x Reducer #2408190
1 x MPCC Mk.III lens #2458400A
Ba'ader ZOOM 8~24mm Hyperion Mk.3 eyepiece. (Was A$399)  Now $299 ea.
Ba'ader ZOOM 8~24mm Hyperion Mk.IV eyepiece!
Smaller (55mm dia.), lighter (290g) with smoother click-stop...
$379 ea.
Ba'ader BARLOW 2" diameter, 2.25x magnification lens suits both Hyperion Zoom Mk.III and Mk.IV eyepieces!


Authorised BA'ADER dealer

BA'ADER Planetarium HYPERION eyepiece case

Aluminium frame case w/7 Hyperion eyepieces...A$1399

Type Price $(AUD)
Aluminium frame hard case with seven Hyperion eyepieces included.
Includes 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 17mm, 21mm and 24mm eyepiece focal lengths
Now $1399.00
Aluminium frame case with pre-cut foam inserts ONLY (no eyepieces)  $89


Certified solar eclipse shades

Only A$2 each!

***Only A$3 each posted Australia-wide***

Yes, there's simply no need to pay A$5.00 elsewhere...

Not intended or designed for use with telescopes, binoculars, etc.

Children must be supervised by a responsible adult when viewing the sun or the sun's reflection with these solar shades or any solar optical instrument.

 Please order by phone; 02 9688 4301/9636 9060/9896 8972,
by fax; 02 96881995, by email;
or by mail; P.O. Box 240, Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145.


ANDREWS Special T-adaptor with Filter package!

New GSO UV-IR 1.25" filter + Atik 1.25" nosepiece
+ Skywatcher camera adaptor package...A$59!

Fully disassembled package

Fully assembled package

ANDREWS Special T-adaptor with Filter package!

New GSO UV-IR 1.25" filter + Atik 1.25" nosepiece
+ Skywatcher camera adaptor package...A$59!


Medium sized aluminium eyepiece case...A$59

Plenty in stock!
Will comfortably hold about 9 eyepieces...


Andrews BinoCam...A$99
Binocular with digital camera!
Truly amazing value!
Very limited stock


Telrad finder...A$129
Has calibrated centre pattern of
 4, 2 and 0.5 arc-second circles.
Sold out!


Type Price $(AUD)
ADM Vixen-to-Losmandy saddle adaptor; 1.75" wide to 3" wide dovetail P.O.A.
ADM Losmandy-to-Vixen saddle adaptor; 3" wide to 1.75" wide dovetail P.O.A.
ADM DSBS-V. One Vixen "V" and one Losmandy "D" saddle in a "side-by-side" combination on 15" long dovetail bar. Complete assembly P.O.A.
ADM DSBS-DUAL. Two Vixen "V"/Losmandy"D" dual-saddles in "side-by-side" combination on 15" long dovetail bar. Complete assembly P.O.A.
Assorted T-ring camera adaptors from $29.00 ea.
Barlow lens, 1.25" achromatic 2x magnification (long type) Only $19.00
Barlow lens, 2" achromatic 2x magnification $49.00
BC&F Adap-T F1 (AC531) T-threaded adaptor ring for FUJI digital cameras - made in England $59.00
BINOCAM Binoculars (8 x 22) with integrated digital camera!  $99.00
Camera adaptor - new adjustable tube type! $49.00
Canon EOS type T-ring adaptor $39.00
Collimation eyepiece, Cheshire Newtonian type, Skywatcher brand  $49.00
Crayford style focuser - includes base for use with 8" Newtonians $79.00
Diagonal, 2" - outstanding value! $49.00
Eyepiece case, aluminium, medium-sized briefcase (holds 9 e/p) $59.00
Grey plastic padded carry cases - to store a laser pointer and batteries $1.00 ea.
Laser collimator - All-new adjustable brightness type! $69.00
Nikon type T-ring adaptor $39.00
Planisphere, by Chandler. Small size $12.00
Planisphere, by Chandler. Large size $19.00
Red light torch, "SWLIGHT" $10.00
Red dot finder scope, 30mm dia., Guan Sheng $29.00
SCT Diagonal, 2" - outstanding value! $69.00
TELRAD reflex finder $129.00
VIXEN Digital camera adaptor DG-LV #3902 - made in Japan $39.00
Limited or no stock of some discontinued accessories  
Prices are subject to change due to exchange rate variations Check with us
All above prices are based on seafreighting. Airmailing or airfreighting is at extra cost. Some accessories require a deposit when ordering.  


New heavy-duty aluminium camera tripod.
Height adjustable up to 170cm!

Comfortably handles up to 100mm binoculars!

Only A$349

In stock!

Has standard camera thread fitting (Whitworth male 1/4-20).
Maximum weight load rating of 4.5kg.


New medium-duty aluminium camera tripod.
Height adjustable to 156cm!

Comfortably handles up to 80mm binoculars
Model 46600

Only A$149

Has standard camera thread fitting (Whitworth male 1/4-20).  

More camera tripods listed below...


New adjustable brightness laser collimator...A$69
Sold out!

Includes 1.25" to 2" adaptor. Uses CR-2032 battery.

Scoop purchase direct from O.E.M. in China!!

Other accessories available - simply contact us for details.


Genuine high quality accessories!

New ADM saddle (dovetail plate) adaptors just arrived!


DSBS-V...$329.00 AUD

Dual Side-By-Side series.
Losmandy "D" and Vixen "V" saddles bolted on 15" long connecting dovetail. Provides 11" of separation between saddle centres.

DSBS-DUAL...$349.00 AUD
In stock!

Dual Side-By-Side series.
Two Losmandy "D"/Vixen "V" DUAL saddles bolted on 15" connecting dovetail. Provides 11" of separation between saddle centres.

EQG-SAD...$149.00 AUD
In stock!

Losmandy style saddle plate for attaching Losmandy or Losmandy style "D" series dovetail plates to Skywatcher, Atlas, etc., mounts.
ADM's EQG-SAD is the perfect upgrade for the Skywatcher EQ6 mount in order to achieve increased stability when astrophotographing.

It has two spring loaded locking screws and is 178mm (7") long.

Other ADM products available - simply contact us for details.


Andrews special eyepiece filters

***Coloured filter bandpass chart included!***

2" OIII filter...$99.00 AUD
1.25" OIII filter...$59.00 AUD

***Coloured filter bandpass chart included with each filter***

Andrews ED (Extra low Dispersion) 1.25" eyepieces

=Outstanding planetary eyepieces=

Only A$69 each!


Type Price $(AUD)
ED 18mm, ED 21mm and ED 25mm (focal lengths) in stock $69.00 ea.

Andrews Solar System Imager CCD camera

Super low price!

Includes CD
Yes, A$99!

Suitable for all 1.25" focusers

If you intend using an imager/camera with your computer then you may
 need an "application" or "emulator" if your computer's operating
 system is later than Windows XP, e.g. Windows 7 or 8.


StarGPS-NX GPS mouse receiver

 Skywatcher SynScan and Celestron Nexstar versions

Type Price $(AUD)
StarGPS-NX, GPS-Synta for Skywatcher SynScan, Orion Atlas/Sirius $199.00
StarGPS-NX, GPS-NexStar for Celestron NexStar $199.00
Andrews 1.25" high quality colour filters

Type Price $(AUD)
#8 Light Yellow $15.00
#11 Yellow-Green $15.00
#12 Mid Yellow $15.00
#15 Dark Yellow $15.00
#21 Orange $15.00
#23A Light Red $15.00
#25 Mid Red $15.00
#47 Violet $15.00
#56 Light Green Sold out
#58 Mid Green $15.00
#58A Dark Green $15.00
#80A Light Blue - Sold out Sold out
#82A Mid Blue - Limited stock Limited stock

Andrews 2"/1.25" 70° super-wide angle eyepieces.

Yes, they will fit into 2" or 1.25" focusers at any time

Limited stock!

Type Price $(AUD)
2" 70° 3.5mm eyepiece  Sold
2" 70° 5mm eyepiece Sold
2" 70° 8mm eyepiece Sold
2" 70° 13mm eyepiece Sold
2" 70° 17mm eyepiece Sold
2" 70° 22mm eyepiece Sold
2" 70° 32mm eyepiece Sold
1.25" 70° 3.5mm eyepiece Sold
1.25" 70° 5mm eyepiece Sold
1.25" 70° 8mm eyepiece Sold
1.25" 70° 13mm eyepiece Sold
Super high grade Starlight Instruments accessories

Authorised Australian distributor

"Home of the world-famous Feather Touch focuser"

Type Price $(AUD)
Complete line of focusers for William Optics refractors available for;
FLT-158, FLT-152, FLT-132, FLT-110 (both TEC and TMB lens versions),
FLT-98 (all three versions) and Megrez 66, 80, 90, 102 and 110mm.  
Meade/Celestron; complete line of 2" adaptors available which fit Starlight Instruments' Crayford style focusers as well as a complete line of microfocusers! Adaptors are available for their refractors, too. P.O.A.
Guan Sheng Optical (GSO); focusers available for 6", 8" and 10" RC telescopes, plus GSO's 80mm and 106mm refractors P.O.A.
Skywatcher; adaptors available for 80, 100 and 120mm refractors. P.O.A.
Andrews Series 500 1.25" Plossl eyepieces

From only A$19 each! Yes, A$19 each!

These are truly high quality Plossl eyepieces!!

Long-gone are the days of Plossls priced at A$79~A$139
from competitors, due to our ultra-super discounting!!

Long-gone are the days of having to wait a statutory six (6) months to receive most orders, thanks to us, hi!

Type Price $(AUD)
10mm and 15mm focal lengths in stock $19.00 each

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