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Updated 01-05-14.

Emtron HF vertical antennas

TEV-1 broadband HF vertical

$199 AUD

The TET-Emtron model TEV-1 is an 8.5 metre long vertical broadband HF antenna. It comprises six 1.5m long sections of aluminium tubing.
All stainless steel hardware and rugged aluminium construction ensure long and reliable operation.
The TEV-1 should be mounted on top of a metal pole. The antenna's height may be set from 30cm (one foot) above ground level to virtually any height above ground. 
In the case of mounting the TEV-1 above a metal roof, it should be mounted at a height of at least 2m in order to reduce ground reflection. The antenna is predrilled.
By following the simple instructions, you will find that the antenna is quite easy to assemble.

Some methods of feeding the antenna are:

  • Directly with a long wire into a high impedance tuning auto tuner (e.g. most LDG tuners or an Icom AH-4 or SGC-237), then into 50 ohm coax cable which would go into the shack
  • By fitting a 4:1 balun at the feed point, then running 50 ohm coax to a tuner in the shack
  • Directly with 450 Ohm ribbon, then into a 4:1 balun and antenna tuner at the shack
  • Inductively, by fitting a series base loading coil

TEV-3 vertical for 20m/15m/10m amateur bands

Sold out!

The TET-Emtron model TEV-3 is a high performance three band HF vertical antenna.
A high efficiency trap, all stainless steel hardware and rugged aluminium construction ensure long and reliable operation.
Adjusting the length of the radials allows tuning within the 20, 15 and 10m amateur bands, if required.
The antenna is predrilled.
It may be ground or roof mounted.
By following the simple instructions, you will find the antenna is easy to assemble.

Specifications are:

  • Frequencies: 14, 21 and 28 MHz
  • Element height: 3895mm
  • Maximum radial length: 5.1m (one set of radials is included)
  • Feedpoint impedance: 50 Ω
  • SWR: < 1.5:1
  • Power handling: 1kW p.e.p





TEV-1 BROADBAND 1.8-54MHz antenna options...
Type Price $(AUD)
The new ACS BB1 base station vertical antenna package delivers very low swr and high performance across the 1.8-54MHz amateur bands.
We recommend a minimum of two 1/4 wave long (+5%) radials (one for the 80m band and one for 40m) - preferably two radials per band. 

The BB1 package comprises THREE products; a TEV-1 telescoping 8.5m tall aluminium vertical antenna plus a W2AU 4:1 balun (made in USA) and a LDG Z100Plus automatic antenna tuner (made in USA).
Please note; the Z100Pro tuner is rated to 125W pep SSB on HF, 100W pep SSB on 6m.

The W2AU 4:1 balun provides an intermediary impedance step which ensures smooth impedance transformation and more stable operation.

The TEV-1 antenna itself is rated to 1kW pep on SSB.

The six aluminium 1.5m long telescoping tubes assemble to create a 8.5m long antenna. Packed length is 1.5m. Weight is 3kg., unpacked.
The strong aluminium U-channel mounting bracket is 37cm long x 50mm wide x 25mm high. The four supplied stainless steel U-bolts accept up to 35mm o.d. mast. Two specific TET insulators are included.

Active and earth feedpoint connections are made via two long stainless steel nuts and bolts. The active termination bolts to the lowest point on the antenna's lowest tube whilst the the earth contact bolts to the lowest point on the antenna's U-channel mounting bracket.

Proudly made by TET-Emtron in Perth, W.A., to our specifications.
TEV-1 antenna only is $199

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