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Updated 08-09-17

IC-41W optional

IC-41W optional accessories...

BC-119N+AD-106+BC-145SV fast AC charger, BC-121N+AD-106 (6 pcs.)+BC-157S 6-bay charger kit, BC-160+BC-145SV (suits both IC-41S & 41W), BP-232WP waterproof battery, MB-93, MB-94, MB-96/96F, CP-23L, OPC-515L/OPC-656, HM-168LWP speaker-mic, FA-SC72U/73U antennas, AD-98FSC, CS-41S+ OPC-478UC programming cable and driver CD. 

HM-168LWP Waterproof
Now in stock!




Some IC-41S accessories are not compatible with the new IC-41W. Some accessories are sold out or have been discontinued/obsoleted.

Your choice of FOUR high current BP-232 Li-ion type batteries...

ACS-BP-232Li Li-ion battery
7.4V @ 2,200mA/h
Now only...A$39
Suits IC-41S

Icom BP-232 Li-ion battery 7.4V @ 2,000mA/h...only A$79
Suits IC-41S
In stock!

Icom BP-232WP Li-ion
Waterproof battery 7.4V
 @ 2,300mA/h...only A$99
Suits both IC-41S & IC-41W
In stock!

More IC-41S accessories...

nylon soft case...A$59
BP-240 dry cell case...A$39

Right-angle speaker-mic ...A$89

Heavy duty speaker-mic...A$99

Special J plug to BNC socket
antenna adaptor...Only $25
(Not A$40++)


See our Amateur Radio / Icom page for more IC-40S accessories...

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Handheld 80+ channels 5W
 UHF CB transceiver

Now A$299
Plenty in stock!

5-year warranty on the radio!
Authorised ICOM dealer

Free mailing Australia-wide!

  • Icom IC-41PRO UHF CB 5W 80+ channel handheld transceiver
  • Group scan, priority scan and open scan features!
  • Up to 128 channels in 8 banks
  • Waterproof & dustproof to IP67
  • Noise cancelling handmic
  • 50 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS codes built-in
  • Pocker Beep function
  • Repeater Lockout plus 3-level LCD backlighting,
  • Battery Power Save, Stun, low battery level indication and alert plus auto power off, too!
  • Monitor, time-out timer, keypad lock and adjustable squelch
    level functions! 
  • "Smart Ring and Automatic Transponder" acknowledges other Icom UHF CB transceivers which are receiving your call when within radio range.
  • Up to 18 hours of operation
    from the included BP-280 7.2V 2400mA/h Li-ion battery pack
  • Included BC-213 fast charger allows charging in 3~4 hours!
  • Includes Icom BP-280 Li-ion 7.2V @ 2,400mA/h battery,
    BC-213 charger, BC-123SV
    AC chgr, FA-SC72U std. flex
    antenna and MB-133 belt clip.
  • Size; 52w x 112h x 30.3d mm
  • Weighs 270g (w/BP-280 batt.)
  • High contrast LCD display
  • ICOM AUST. 5 year warranty!

Icom Australia's 5-year warranty applies only to the transceiver, not to any batteries or accessories!
One year Icom Australia warranty
re Icom batteries and accessories!

IC-41PRO optional accessories...

AD-130 charger adaptor (supplied w/BC214), BC-214+BC-157S Multi-charger, BP-278 Li-ion battery 7.2V @ 1190mA/h (10 hours operation), BP-279 Li-ion battery 7.2V @ 1570mA/h (14 hrs.), CP-23L cigarette lighter cable for use
w/BC-213, FA-SC72U (470~520MHz) standard flexible antenna, FA-SC73U (470~490MHz) stubby antenna, 
HM-153LA durable earphone-mic, HM-166LA lightweight earphone mic, HM-158LA compact speaker-mic, HM-159LA full-size durable speaker-mic, HM-168LWP waterproof speaker-mic, HS-94LWP earphone-headset, HS-95LWP behind-the-head headset, HS-97 throat-mic, MB-130 for use w/BC-213, OPC-656 power supply cable for use w/BC-214, OPC-2004LA for VOX operation, OPC-478UC programming cable and driver CD - and VS-4LA (for manual op.).

Prices for the above IC-41PRO accessories are listed in the chart which is located at the lower part of our ICOM amateur radio page...





Now A$369
Plenty in stock!

Authorised ICOM dealer

 ICOM IC-450 80+ channels 
mobile 5W UHF CB transceiver
includes remote speaker-mic!

5-year warranty!

Free mailing Australia-wide!

  • Icom's new IC-450 UHF CB 5W 80+ channels mobile transceiver has remote control noise cancelling speaker-mic
    with LCD digital display & more
  • Full remote control operation noise cancelling speaker-mic!
  • Group scan, priority scan, open scan & repeater search scan!
  • 5-tone selcal built-in
  • 51 CTCSS tones & 104 DTCS codes are built-in
  • Voice records 10 messages!
  • Up to 128 channels in 8 banks
  • DC 24V to DC 12V operation!
  • Body; 125w x 29h x 180d mm
  • HM-212 speaker-mic included (62.1w x 101.5h x 30.5d mm)
  • High contrast LCD display
  • ICOM AUST. 5 year warranty!


Your choice of antenna will determine the range achievable.
A short antenna will be best for short distance communications, whereas a long antenna will be best for long distance communications.




Now A$359
Plenty in stock!

Authorised ICOM dealer

IC-410PRO 80+ channels 5W
mobile UHF CB transceiver

5-year warranty!

    Free mailing Australia-wide!

  • Icom's new IC-410PRO UHF CB 5W 80+ ch. mobile transceiver
  • Group scan, priority scan and open scan features!
  • Up to 128 channels in 8 banks
  • Noise cancelling handmic
  • 50 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS codes built-in
  • Size; 150w x 40d x 117.5d mm
  • High contrast LCD display
  • ICOM AUST. 5 year warranty!

Note; Channel data entry to the
IC-410PRO is possible via an optional PC programming lead. Options are at extra cost. We cannot supply IC-410PRO software. However, the internet may, or may not, yield suitable software.


More optional accessories...

ICOM HM-152 replacement handmic for IC-400PRO (HM-100)..A$69


Plenty in stock!
 High current NiMH battery
pack 9.6V @ 1650mA/h

Suits IC-40S, etc.



One only in stock!
 Replacement Nicad battery
 7.2V @ 700mA/h
for IC-40GX!

Suits IC-40GX, IC-2GXA/T,




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