CB Antennas & accessories

ZCG ZG140 black ground plane independent
27MHz (AM/SSB) CB mobile antenna...A$119

Freighting or mailing of antennas and accessories is at extra cost.
Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation.


OPEK SWR-2 SWR meter...$39

Covers 1.7MHz~30MHz+




Has 8dBi gain - 1.48m long - UHF socket.

Page updated 25-10-17

Type Price $(AUD)
ZCG ZG140 black base-loaded fibreglass whip with 4.5m of RG-58 and PL-259 connector. Length 1.1m. Has 2.1dBi gain. No ground plane required! (Replacement whip, ZG-140W, is also available...A$49) $119.00
OPEK SWR-2, SWR meter. Covers 1.7MHz to 30MHz+ (includes 27MHz) $39.00

Andrews all-black 477MHz UHF CB 7.5dBi mobile antenna
Type Price $(AUD)
Black elevated feed tube with black fibreglass whip and 3.7m of RG-58 with FME connector and PL-259 adaptor. Length 1.28m. Has 7.5dBi gain $129.00

Andrews UHF 477MHz CB + AM 27MHz CB
complete DUAL-BAND mobile antenna package!
Type Price $(AUD)
Andrews dual-band black fibreglass 1.5m long whip with 5dB gain on UHF CB, base/lead/plug and special 27MHz/477MHz diplexer $129.00
Andrews and Benelec speaker-mics
Type Price $(AUD)
Andrews SM-1 suits selected Icom, Maxon, Uniden, GME radios $39.00
Benelec 07810S1 suits selected Icom, Maxon, Uniden, GME radios $39.00

Extension speakers
All incl. mounting bracket, ext. lead and 3.5mm plug

Benelec 08104

Type Price $(AUD)
Axis - NEW - CB27 Compact rectangular speaker, 75 x 70 x 30mm $20.00
Benelec 08104 Rectangular speaker, 155mm x 67mm  $28.00
Benelec 08106 ROUND (58mm dia.) weather resistant speaker, 2W power rated. Five (5) pcs. in stock as of 07/07/17. $24.00
Benelec 08108 High power, 20W rated, heavy duty, 115mm x 115mm  $28.00
Dragon/Avair DRA-1302/SP-3 Square speaker, 92mm x 92mm $19.00
GME SPK04 Rectangular speaker, 115mm x 66mm $36.00
NEW! Avair hi-specification dummy loads

DL-150M (PL-259 fitted) 150W (peak power) dummy load.
Good to 1GHz!
Plenty in stock now!

Plenty of all four dummy loads listed below are in stock!

Type Price $(AUD)
AV-150M 150W peak rated dummy load has PL-259 (UHF-M) plug fitted $79.00
AV-150N 150W peak rated dummy load has N-plug fitted $89.00
AV-200M 200W peak rated dummy load has PL-259 (UHF-M) plug fitted $89.00
AV-200N 200W peak rated dummy load has N-plug fitted  $99.00
Avair SO-239 low profile magnetic antenna bases
Type Price $(AUD)
NEW! AV-705 Magnetically super strong (e.g. stronger than AV-701M and AV-707) 120mm diameter low profile black magnetic base fitted with SO-239 base, 4m of RG-58a/u coax and PL-259. $69.00

Avair accessories

SP5 active/amplified speaker...A$99

Type Price $(AUD)
AV-400B Gutter bracket, similar to K400, dual-axis adjustment. Black. $29.00
SP-3 Black 16cm sq. ext. speaker, includes mounting bracket/lead/plug $19.00
AV-KE SO-239 base with 4m of RG-58 coax and PL-259 fitted. $29.00
"VC" Speaker-mic type plug and coiled lead assembly has standard 2.5mm and 3.5mm plug moulding (spaced 10mm apart), open wire end $9.00
NEW! Mirror/roof bar bracket - extra strong! $12.00
NEW! 4-pin square 20A DC plug and lead assembly with in-line fuses, for (latest) Icom IC-7000, Kenwood TS-480 radios, etc. IW7000.  $30.00
NEW! 6-pin rectangular 20A DC plug and lead assembly with in-line fuses, suitable for most 100W SSB amateur transceivers. IW2000. $30.00
AV-KW(4m) Standard "T" plug DC lead assembly, has two 10A in-line fuse holders with fuses. Suits most modern V/U mobile transceivers. $19.00
DC-DC Voltage converter; 10A continuous rated 24V to 12V. ModelCH-510. Shipment due June  $59.00
Amplified/active extension speaker, SP5/MFJ-383. Audio output is 6W. Has volume control, on/off switch, mounting bracket and cigarette lighter plug/lead.   $99.00 
Axis mobile UHF CB antennas and accessories

Type Price $(AUD)
AXIS PS18-FME side-entry SO239 base & lead assembly. Has 4.5m long RG-58 coax cable lead. Complete with FME-to-PL259 adaptor.   $29.00
AXIS F477P 3dB thick rubber duck whip with hard-wired lead and plug $29.00
AXIS CH-6S 6.5dB elevated feed s/s antenna package (no spring) $59.00

This is how NOT to mount a mobile UHF CB antenna on
a near-new upmarket Toyota Landcruiser...ouch!!

Wonderful through-grill mounting arrangement - not!!

There are many far more sensible and better performing antenna mounting arrangements available for this type of vehicle...ask us!

ZCG UHF CB base station antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
ZCG 8dBi fibreglass vertical, 2.5m long, 100W rated, N-F (ZN2-77-06) $179.00
ZCG 12dBi fibreglass vertical, 3.3m long, 100W rated, N-F (ZN2-77-09) $299.00
Super discounted
24VDC to 12VDC regulated voltage converters!
Limited stocks of some models
Type Price $(AUD)
Avair CH-510 Palm sized switch mode, 10A. Plenty in stock! $59.00
Avair CH-620 Compact switch mode, 20A $69.00
Avair CH-630 Switch mode, 30A $99.00
Benelec Model 095410, 10A $49.00
Electro Parts RD-20, 20A  $99.00
10m-12m Amateur Radios - see our amateur radio pages

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