CB antennas & accessories

GME AE4018K1 UHF CB mobile antenna...A$99

AE4018K1, 6.5dBi gain elevated feed UHF CB mobile fibreglass
antenna with heavy-duty spring, 4.5m of low-loss foam
dielectric RG-58 coax cable and separate PL-259 plug.

Complete AE4018K1 package...A$99.

 Freighting or mailing of antennas is at an additional cost.


ZCG ZG140 black ground plane independent
27MHz (AM/SSB) CB mobile antenna...A$169

Freighting or mailing of antennas and accessories is at extra cost.
Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation.



OPEK SWR-2 SWR meter...$49

Covers 1.7MHz~30MHz+


Please order by phone; 02 9688 4301/9636 9060/9896 8972,
by email; radioandrews@hotmail.com or by mail;
P.O. Box 240, Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145.

Please take all necessary safety precautions when installing antennas!
Base station verticals installed in high wind areas must be well-guyed!
One year warranty on all new antennas we sell. Warranty will be void
when antennas are customer damaged, environmentally damaged or
otherwise damaged. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure
antenna screws are tight. Do not overtighten antenna screws.
We must drill out screws that are seized due to overtightening!
Don't apply glue to antennas! Heatshrinking ant. screws is OK!

Don't over-tighten antenna screws or apply glue to antennas!
Warranty does not apply to loosening of antennas or their
 sections due to improper maintenance, care or installation.
Warranty will be void if products are customer damaged
or environmentally damaged or otherwise damaged.
Antenna warranty applies only to manfacturing faults.
Note; fibreglass antenna sections will be damaged if
clamps or U-bolts are fitted to those sections!
All prices are subject to change without notice
or obligation due to exchange rate variations.
Freighting or mailing antennas costs extra.
Prices confirmed for all antennas in stock.
Warranty only applies to factory faults.
Warranty cover is not insurance cover.

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Type Price $(AUD)
ZCG ZG140 black base-loaded fibreglass whip with 4.5m of RG-58 and PL-259 connector. Length 1.6m. Has 2.1dBi gain. No ground plane required! (Replacement whip, ZG-140W, is also available...A$49) $169.00
OPEK SWR-2, SWR meter. Covers 1.7MHz to 30MHz+ (includes 27MHz) $49.00

 UHF CB 477MHz mobile antennas (w/5/16" ferrule)
Type Price $(AUD)
Pactel 1/4-wave "rubber duck" whip only, 15cm long $15.00
Andrews black fibreglass 4.5dBi gain, 1-coil, 64cm long, 5/16" ferrule $19.00
Pactel black stainless steel 4.5dBi, 1-coil, 58cm long, 5/16" ferrule $19.00
Pactel plain stainless steel 4.5dBi, 1-coil, 58cm long, 5/16" ferrule $19.00
MK black fibreglass 5.5dBi, 2-coil, 95cm long, 5/16" ferrule $39.00
Mobile One M476 black fibreglass 6dBi, 3 coil, 1.2m long, 5/16" ferrule $75.00
ANDREWS/D&G 5.5dBi black elevated feed tube with black fibreglass, 2-coil (1/4-wave + 1/2-wave + 1/2-wave), 5/16" ferrule whip with spring and 3.7m of RG-58 with fitted FME socket & FME/PL-259 adaptor!
Total length 1.28m. Has extra-high 7.5dBi gain!

Includes 1/4-wave "rubber duck" whip antenna, too! 

All-black high performance package!

 27MHz CB mobile antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
Pactel RD-1, 1 ft./30cm long helical whip with 5/16" ferrule $29.00
Pactel HDB2, 2 ft./60cm long helical whip has heavy duty 5/16" ferrule $39.00
Mobile One/Rojone 6 ft./1.8m helical whip with 5/16" ferrule $49.00
Mobile One/Rojone DX-270SS 6 ft./1.8m helical with S/S spring $169.00
Benelec 9 ft/2.6m stainless steel whip with MALE 1/2" coarse thread $119.00
Andrews and Benelec speaker-mics
Type Price $(AUD)
Andrews SM-1 suits selected Icom, Maxon, Uniden, GME radios $39.00
Benelec 07810S1 suits selected Icom, Maxon, Uniden, GME radios $39.00

Extension speakers
All incl. mounting bracket, ext. lead and 3.5mm plug

Benelec 08104B
(new "B" model)

Type Price $(AUD)
Axis - NEW - CB27 Compact rectangular speaker, 75 x 70 x 30mm $20.00
Benelec 08104B Rectangular speaker, 155mm x 67mm  $29.00
Benelec 08106 ROUND (58mm dia.) weather resistant speaker, 2W power rated. Five (5) pcs. in stock as of 07/07/17. $24.00
Benelec 08108 High power, 20W rated, heavy duty, 115mm x 115mm  $28.00
Dragon/Avair DRA-1302/SP-3 Square speaker, 92mm x 92mm $19.00
GME SPK04 Rectangular speaker, 115mm x 66mm $36.00
NEW! Avair hi-specification dummy loads

DL-150M 150W (peak power) dummy load.
 Has PL-259 (UHF-M) plug fitted.
Good to 1GHz!
In stock!

Type Price $(AUD)
DL-150M 150W (peak) dummy load has PL-259 (UHF-M). Good to 1GHz $99.00
DL-150N 150W (peak) dummy load has N-plug fitted. Good to 3GHz $109.00
DL-200M 200W (peak) dummy load has PL-259 (UHF-M). Good to 1GHz $119.00
DL-200N 200W (peak) dummy load has N-plug fitted. Good to 3GHz  $129.00
Avair SO-239 low profile magnetic antenna bases
Type Price $(AUD)
NEW! AV-705 Magnetically super strong (e.g. stronger than AV-701M and AV-707) 120mm diameter low profile black magnetic base fitted with SO-239 base, 4m of RG-58a/u coax and PL-259. $69.00

Avair accessories



New slimline extension speaker with
noise filter switch
and volume control...A$29


Type Price $(AUD)
Amplified/active extension speaker, SP5/MFJ-383. Audio output is 6W. Has volume control, on/off switch, mounting bracket and cigarette lighter plug/lead.  $99.00
Andrews mirror/roof bar right-angle bracket --> extra strong! $12.00
AV-400B Gutter bracket, similar to K400, dual-axis adjustment. Black. $29.00
AV-SP (A) New slimline extension speaker with noise filter switch and volume control! Includes metal mounting bracket and
2.8m of speaker cable with a 3.5mm mono plug fitted.
Dimensions; 100w x 70h x 30d mm (not including projections)
AV-KE SO-239 base with 4m of RG-58 coax and PL-259 fitted. Now...$20.00
CH-510 DC-DC Voltage converter; 10A continuous rated 24V to 12V. Plenty in stock! Now...$49.00
(was A$69)
"VC" Speaker-mic type plug and coiled lead assembly has standard 2.5mm and 3.5mm plug moulding (spaced 10mm apart), open wire end $9.00
4-pin square 20A DC plug and lead assembly with in-line fuses, for (latest) Icom IC-7000, Kenwood TS-480 radios, etc. IW7000.  $39.00
6-pin rectangular 20A DC plug and lead assembly with in-line fuses, suitable for most 100W SSB amateur transceivers. IW2000. $39.00
AV-KW(4m) Standard "T" plug DC lead assembly, has two 10A in-line fuse holders with fuses. Suits most modern V/U mobile transceivers. $19.00
SP-3 Black 16cm sq. ext. speaker, includes mounting bracket/lead/plug $19.00

Axis mobile UHF CB antennas and accessories




Type Price $(AUD)
AXIS AM98K-FME. UHF 5/16" cone base fitted with 4.5m RG-58 coax cable and FME-F connector. Yes, FME-M to PL-259 adaptor is included! $29.00
AXIS AK-6S 6.5dB elevated feed s/s antenna package (no spring) $79.00
AXIS F477P 3dB thick rubber duck whip with hard-wired lead and plug $29.00
AXIS PS18-FME side-entry SO239 base & lead assembly. Has 4.5m long RG-58 coax cable lead. Complete with FME-to-PL259 adaptor.   $29.00

This is how NOT to mount a mobile UHF CB antenna on
a near-new upmarket Toyota Landcruiser...ouch!!

Wonderful through-grill mounting arrangement - ouch!!

There are many far more sensible and better performing antenna mounting arrangements available for this type of vehicle...ask us!

ZCG UHF CB base station antennas
Type Price $(AUD)
ZCG 8dBi fibreglass vertical, 2.5m long, 100W rated, N-F (ZN2-77-06) $179.00
ZCG 12dBi fibreglass vertical, 3.3m long, 100W rated, N-F (ZN2-77-09) $299.00
Super discounted
24VDC to 12VDC regulated voltage converters!
Limited stocks of some models
Type Price $(AUD)
Avair CH-510 Palm sized switch mode, 10A. Plenty in stock! $59.00
Avair CH-620 Compact switch mode, 20A $69.00
Avair CH-630 Switch mode, 30A $99.00
Benelec Model 095410, 10A $49.00
Electro Parts RD-20, 20A  $99.00
Antenna switches for 27MHz-CB-only...$19 each.
Limited stock!

Pearce Simpson 3-position push-button antenna
switches with 4 x SO-239s fitted! Not recommended
for use above 30MHz. This is NOT a low-loss switch!

Please order by phone; 02 9688 4301/9636 9060/9896 8972,
by email; radioandrews@hotmail.com or by mail;
P.O. Box 240, Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145.

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