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Updated 05-05-16

MFJ products

Front and rear of two MFJ-929 tuners
MFJ-929 auto antenna tuner...A$429

Photo shows some of our MFJ stock

MFJ-1798 vertical covers 80-40-30-20-17-15-12-10-6m-2m bands.
Has integrated counterpoise, so no ground radials are required!

MFJ-336S super strong tri-mag base/lead/plug assembly has SO239, three 5" (127mm) dia. magnets, 17' (4.3m) of coax cable and PL259

See our "LDG and more..." page for LDG auto tuners

Type Price $(AUD)
ARB-704 Universal radio to amplifier relay interface $149.00
ARB-70412 Radio to amplifier interface for Icom IC-706 (inc. cable) $149.00
MFJ-16CO1 Single (1) ceramic end insulator (similar to dog-bone type) $5 ea.
MFJ-16CO6 Pack of 6 ceramic end insulators (similar to dog-bone type) $29.00
MFJ-201 1.5~250MHz RF dip-meter $329.00
MFJ-202B RF Noise bridge $229.00
MFJ-207 HF antenna analyser, analogue $249.00
MFJ-209 1.8-170MHz antenna analyser $369.00
MFJ-225 Graphic antenna analyser, 1.8~170Mhz $749.00
MFJ-249B Economy digital antenna analyser, 1.8~170MHz $499.00
MFJ-250 1.5kW Dummy load (includes oil) $199.00
MFJ-259C Digital antenna analyser, covers 0.53~230MHz $529.00
MFJ-260C 300W Dummy load to 650MHz  $99.00
MFJ-262B Dummy load to 1GHz, 200W for 5 secs, 35W continuous $139.00
MFJ-262BN Dummy load to 1GHz, N-type, 200W for 5 secs, 35W cont. $149.00
MFJ-264 1.5kW Dry dummy load  $149.00
MFJ-265 2500W fan-cooled 60MHz dummy load $399.00
MFJ-266B Digital antenna analyser, 1.5~185MHz + 300~490MHz $749.00
MFJ-267 Terminating X-needle RF metering 1.5kW dummy load  $329.00
MFJ-269C Digital antenna analyser,  0.53~230MHz + 415~470MHz $619.00
MFJ-269PRO Digital antenna analyser, 1.8~170MHz + 420~470MHz  $619.00
MFJ-269C-PRO Digital antenna analyser, covers 0.53~230MHz + 420~520MHz $749.00
MFJ-270 Lightning protector, has SO-239s, 400W $79.00
MFJ-270N Lightning protector, has N-sockets, 400W $89.00
MFJ-272 Lightning protector, 1.5kW $89.00
MFJ-272N Lightning protector, 1.5kW - special order required $99.00
MFJ-299 Desktop microphone - suits Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood radios $229.00
MFJ-335BS Super strong magnetic mount (125cm dia.) $79.00
MFJ-336S Triple-magnet super strong magnetic mount  $99.00
MFJ-383 Base/mobile 6W amplified extension speaker $99.00
MFJ-392B Deluxe communications headphones. In stock! $79.00
MFJ-393MY Deluxe communications headphones; YAESU transceivers $139.00
MFJ-40C TNC update kit Only $10.00
MFJ-418 Pocket sized Morse code tutor has LCD display $249.00
MFJ-422D MFJ/Curtis keyer package includes MFJ black iambic paddle $499.00
MFJ-434B Voice keyer $349.00
MFJ-447 Slimline deluxe semi-auto keyer with memory $229.00
MFJ-461 Morse code reader has 2-line 32-character LCD display $199.00
MFJ-462B Multi-reader, reads RTTY etc Now $449.00
MFJ-464 CW reader with memory keyer $399.00
MFJ-495 Millenium CW reader with memory keyer Now $399.00
MFJ-557 Deluxe Morse key and oscillator for code sending and practice $129.00
MFJ-564B Deluxe Black Paddle - black base! Re-adjusted by ACS!! $179.00
MFJ-564 Deluxe Iambic Paddle - chrome base! Re-adjusted by ACS!! $179.00
MFJ-616 Speech Intelligibility enhancer $399.00
MFJ-644 Universal microphone connector switch $329.00
MFJ-655 8-band equaliser/conditioner has preamp, compression, etc. $499.00
MFJ-802 Deluxe field strength analyser $139.00
MFJ-815C Cross-needle 1.8-30MHz peak-reading 3kW RF wattmeter $239.00
MFJ-816 1.8-30MHz swr meter $119.00
MFJ-828 1.8-54MHz swr meter with built-in frequency counter $349.00
MFJ-835 In-line calibrated RF ammeter $299.00
MFJ-840 VHF (2m) RF wattmeter for handhelds, has BNC socket, d/load $119.00
MFJ-860 1.8-60MHz swr meter 139.00
MFJ-864 1.8-60MHz/144MHz/430MHz swr/rf wattmeter $229.00
MFJ-868 1.8-30MHz 20W/200W/2kW swr/rf wattmeter $329.00
MFJ-869 1.8-60MHz giant-sized swr/rf digital wattmeter, to 2kW $449.00
MFJ-873 125-525MHz swr meter $229.00
MFJ-874 1.8-525MHz swr meter $279.00
MFJ-886 1MHz~3GHz 10-digit portable frequency counter $329.00
MFJ-901B Smallest Versatuner, antenna tuner, has inbuilt balun $239.00
MFJ-902B Tiny travel tuner, 150W $259.00
MFJ-902H Tiny travel tuner, includes 4:1 balun  $279.00
MFJ-904 Tiny travel tuner, has X-needle meter  $279.00
MFJ-904H Tiny travel tuner, has X-needle meter and 4:1 balun!  $299.00
MFJ-906 6m antenna tuner w/cross-needle metering, 100W rated $219.00
MFJ-915 RF isolator/choke handles 1.5kW, 1.8-30MHz $79.00
MFJ-916B 2m/70cm diplexer, has SO-239s $79.00
MFJ-918 Antenna balun 1:1 $99.00
MFJ-925 HF 200W automatic antenna tuner $329.00
MFJ-926 HF SSB 200W automatic antenna tuner $649.00
MFJ-927 HF 200W automatic antenna tuner with weather protection $499.00
MFJ-928 HF 200W automatic antenna tuner $429.00
MFJ-929 Automatic antenna tuner  $429.00
MFJ-931 Ground tuning tuner $279.00
MFJ-934 Antenna tuner/artificial ground tuner combination $399.00
MFJ-935B 150W rated HF wire loop antenna $399.00
MFJ-936B 300W rated HF wire loop antenna $499.00
MFJ-941E 300W HF Antenna tuner + X-needle metering $299.00
MFJ-945E 300W HF~6m ATU + X-needle metering $269.00
MFJ-948 HF Deluxe Antenna tuner X-meter and antenna switch $369.00
MFJ-949E 300W Deluxe HF ATU (like MFJ-948 + 300W dummy load)  $379.00
MFJ-959C Receive-only HF braodband preamplifier/antenna tuner  $269.00
MFJ-962D 800W HF Rotary-L ATU + X-needle metering $599.00
MFJ-969 300W HF~6m Rotary-L ATU + X-needle metering $429.00
MFJ-971 200W manual ant. tuner accepts coax, twin-lead or long wire $249.00
MFJ-974B Fully balanced 80m-6m 300W rated antenna tuner $399.00
MFJ-974HB Fully balanced 160m-6m 300W rated antenna tuner $399.00
MFJ-976 1.5kW high grade fully-balanced antenna tuner $999.00
MFJ-986 3kW HF Differential T Rotary-L with X-needle, antenna tuner  $799.00
MFJ-989D 3kW HF Rotary-L ATU with X-needle meter, antenna tuner $899.00
MFJ-991B HF 150W Automatic antenna tuner $449.00
MFJ-993B HF 300W Automatic antenna tuner with LCD  $499.00
MFJ-994B HF 600W Automatic antenna tuner  $799.00
MFJ-994BRT HF Remote 600W "flat-pack" automatic antenna tuner, 12~800 ohms, 2500 memories. For coax-fed and long-wire antennas!  $899.00
MFJ-998 New 1.5kW automatic antenna tuner, tunes 12-1,600 ohms, has cross-needle metering, digital LCD display, upgradeable firmware! $1299.00
MFJ-9982 Roller inductor 2.5kW manual antenna tuner $1299.00
MFJ-1020C Indoor tuned active antenna covers 0.3-40MHz $329.00
MFJ-1024 Active outdoor antenna, 54" (1.37m) long, w/15m coax, 50kHz-30MHz, gain control w/20dB attenuator. Subject to availability $399.00
MFJ-1026 1.5-30MHz deluxe all-mode noise canceller $429.00
MFJ-1040C All HF bands transceiver preselector (handles 125W) $299.00
MFJ-1046 1.6-33MHz passive preselector $279.00
MFJ-1048 As above, but adds RF sensing tx/rx switching with adj. delay $329.00
MFJ-1263 Microphone control centre $279.00
MFJ-1275M Sound card, for modular plug radios $299.00
MFJ-1279M Super sound card. Has aux. input, CW/FSK jack, etc. $349.00
MFJ-1438 10m/6m/2m/70cm quad-band mobile antenna $249.00
MFJ-1456 40m to 2m mobile antenna $349.00
MFJ-1526N 2m/70cm base vertical antenna, has N-socket $349.00
MFJ-1532N 2m/70cm/23cm base vertical antenna, has N-socket $269.00
MFJ-1536 6m/2m/70cm base station vertical antenna $349.00
MFJ-1622 40m to 2m (inc. WARC bands) apartment-dweller antenna $299.00
MFJ-1662 40m to 2m "screwdriver motor" type mobile antenna $399.00
MFJ-1668 80m to 6m "screwdriver motor" type mobile antenna $449.00
MFJ-16010 Compact long wire antenna tuner. Can be used in reverse $169.00
MFJ-1625 Balcony/window mounted 80m-6m antenna, has built-in tuner $469.00
MFJ-1700C 6-position HF antenna switch, rated to 2kW $279.00
MFJ-1701 6-position rotary antenna switch, handles 2kW SSB, HF only $189.00
MFJ-1702CN 2-position coaxial antenna switch, to 1GHz, N-sockets $129.00
MFJ-1704 4-position antenna switch (2.5kW pep), has SO-239s $169.00
MFJ-1704N 4-position antenna switch (2.5kW pep), has N-sockets $189.00
MFJ-1705 300W rated antenna bypass switch, DC~60MHz $69.00
MFJ-1706H 6-position HF balanced line antenna switch $299.00
MFJ-1734 Dual band (2m/70cm) through-glass whip antenna $169.00
MFJ-1756 6m 1/4-wave base station vertical $249.00
MFJ-1762 6m 3-element yagi on 1.8m (6') boom, 6dBd, 300W rated $299.00
MFJ-1768 2m/70cm dual-band yagi antenna $279.00
MFJ-1775 Rotatable 40m-2m mini-dipole antenna, 4.2m, 1.5kW SSB OK $549.00
MFJ-1777 Doublet HF wire antenna - has ladder line feed for connection to antenna tuner (requires 4:1 balun for 50 ohm coax cable connect.) $179.00
MFJ-1778 G5RV-type HF dipole, 102 feet (30m) long. Has ladder line feed which can connect directly to 50 ohm coaxial cable. $149.00
MFJ-1785 80m/40m/20m rotatable mini-dipole. Accepts 1.5kw SSB $899.00
MFJ-1786 Super High-Q Loop - 30m to 10m continuously tuneable $849.00
MFJ-1788 Super High-Q Loop - 40m to 15m continuously tuneable $899.00
MFJ-1792 80m/40m vertical, 33 feet (10m) tall. Accepts 1.5kW SSB $429.00
MFJ-1793 80/40/20m vertical, 33 feet (10m) tall. Accepts 1.5kW SSB $449.00
MFJ-1795 40m/20m/15m/10m restricted area base antenna $379.00
MFJ-1796 40m to 2m half-wave base vertical $499.00
MFJ-1799 1/2-wave 80m~2m vertical, 6m (20') long. Accepts 1.5kW $849.00
MFJ-1899T 80m to 6m BNC telescoping antenna, for FT-817 type radios $249.00
MFJ-1906 Fibreglass 33 ft. (10m) telescoping mast, with hose clamps $299.00
MFJ-1908H Fibreglass 43 ft. (13m) tall telescoping mast, 6 sections $449.00
MFJ-1910 Fibreglass 33 ft. (10m) tall telescoping mast (1.2m min.) $199.00
MFJ-1922B Screwdriver antenna controller has 4-digit LED positioning $269.00
MFJ-1924 Programmable screwdriver antenna controller unit $299.00
MFJ-1925 Screwdriver antenna controller  $199.00
MFJ-1925/I2 for using ATAS-120 with Icom transceivers $199.00
MFJ-1926 Automatic "screwdriver antenna" controller - for Icom radios $299.00
MFJ-1965 Aluminium 64 ft. (19.5m) telescoping mast, 11 sections  $449.00
MFJ-2289 NEW! "BigEAR" 8-band 7~55MHz rotatable V-dipole $449.00
MFJ-2990 160m to 6m self-supporting vertical antenna $649.00
Collinear array and end-fed Zepp antennas available on your order... Call us!
MFJ-4416B Super battery voltage booster delivers 25A peak at 13.8Vdc even if battery voltage drops to as low as 9V !! Ideal for 100W radios! $349.00
MFJ-4600 Ladder line and coax cable (2xSO-239) feed-through panel $189.00
MFJ-4601 Window feed-through coax cable panel (6xSO-239) $139.00
MFJ-4602 Ladder line, coax (3xSO239) & long wire feed-through panel $149.00
MFJ-4726 6-position 1.8-60MHz antenna switch. Accepts 1.5kW $399.00
MFJ-5080 TNC-to-radio cable $79.00
MFJ-5114K (Kenwood) radio interface cable; MFJ-998, 929, 928 tuners $149.00
MFJ-5114Y (Yaesu) radio interface cable for MFJ-998, 929, 928 tuners $149.00
MFJ-5114I (Icom) radio interface cable for MFJ-998, 929, 928 tuners $69.00
MFJ-5114A (Alinco) radio interface cable for MFJ-998, 929, 928 tuners $69.00
MFJ-5124K (Kenwood) radio interface cable for MFJ-993B tuners, etc. $149.00
MFJ-5124Y (Yaesu) radio interface cable for MFJ-993B tuners, etc.  $149.00
MFJ-5124Y2 (Yaesu FT-2000) radio interface cable for MFJ-993B, etc. $149.00
MFJ-5124I (Icom) radio interface cable for MFJ-993B tuners, etc. $69.00
MFJ-5124A (Alinco) radio interface cable for MFJ-993B tuners, etc. $69.00
MFJ-5397I MFJ 8-pin cable to Icom $69.00
MFJ-5397K MFJ 8-pin cable to Kenwood $69.00
MFJ-5397MY MFJ modular cable to Yaesu $69.00
MFJ-5397Y MFJ 8-pin cable to Yaesu $69.00

Banana plugs, AC plug packs and batteries are not included in any MFJ products we import.

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AA-30 Antenna analyser...A$499
Sold out!

Type Price $(AUD)
The RigExpert AA-30 antenna analyser graphically displays SWR and impedance of antennas. It also measures coaxial cable characteristics and capacitance or inductance of reactive loads. Covers 0.1~30MHz.
Price is subject to change due to exchange rate variations.
Sold out!

BetterRF products

One year warranty. Exclusive Australian distributor.

BetterRF products

Limited or no stock of some models
Updated 14-10-15
See and
for additional product information


IC-706 TUNE control

$79.00 AUD
In stock!
Learn More

Easy installation! Just plug it in!

  • Make your TUNE/CALL button work on your ICOM IC-706 (all models) and IC-718.
  • Push once - the transceiver emits 10 watts, steady carrier and sidetone through the speaker (internal or external).
  • Use the signal to tune your antenna, an antenna tuner or check SWR.
  • Press twice more - the transceiver reverts to previous mode and power.
  • Small PC board that plugs into the IC-706 Molex connector on rear.
  • No radio modification required.
  • Works 160 through 10 meters.

Yaesu TUNE control

$89.00 AUD
Sold out!
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Easy installation! Just plug it in!
  • Works with YAESU FT-100, FT-857 and FT-897 transceivers (plus FT-450 and FT-950 with easy mod)
  • Make the TUNE button function on your radio to provide a low power output for tuning, adjusting an antenna, checking SWR, etc., no matter what mode you are using.
  • Interface cable included.
  • No radio modification.
  • Provides an interface between your YAESU transceiver and ICOM type accessories such as ICOM antenna tuners, tuners from other manufacturers and screwdriver antenna controllers.

IC-7000 TUNE Control

$129.00 AUD
Sold out!
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Easy installation! Just plug it in!

IC-7000 Tune Control info:

  • Makes the Icom IC-7000 TUNE/CALL button functional.
  • Displays the SWR on the radio as you tune an antenna or an external tuner.
  • Two Modes: constant 30 Watts out or pulsed (50% duty cycle) output at user selectable power. Good for tuning an amp.
  • Senses the voltage on a screwdriver antenna motor, for automatic turn on and off of the tune mode.
  • Field upgradeable to a completely automatic screwdriver antenna controller by the purchase of an additional module
  • Plugs into the Molex connector on the radio - No radio modification required.
  • Supplied cable connects the 7000 TUNE Control to the radio's CI-V jack.

Antenna Control
(requires TUNE control unit)

$169.00 AUD
In stock!
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Control any SCREWDRIVER antenna from your ICOM IC-7000 Radio!
IC-7000 SCREWDRIVER Control info:

  • Works in conjunction with ICOM IC-7000 radio
  • Works with any screwdriver antenna
  • Finds resonance with the push of the TUNE button
  • Completely automatic operation integrated directly with the IC-7000
  • All operations done from IC-7000 controls - No extra buttons or speakers
  • No RF connections to the 7000 SCREWDRIVER Controller
  • No modification of your screwdriver antenna or your radio
  • SWR visible on the IC-7000 during tuning process
  • SWR targets settable for each 2 MHz frequency segment through 54 MHz


$149.00 AUD
In stock!
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Easier access to messages...

Features pulsing amplifier tuner and has A/B mic switch, too!

I-Mate product description:

I-Mate implements the external selection of pre-recorded voice and keyed message for the IC-7800, IC-756 PROII/III and keyed CW messages for the IC-746 PRO. It eliminates the necessity for shifting the display from an operating mode to a memory select mode simply to transmit the pre-recorded message. Pressing one of four buttons on the I-Mate transmits the message associated with that button.
In addition, the I-Mate provides a pulsed sine-wave oscillator for the tuning of high powered amplifiers and antenna tuners.
An alternate audio input is provided that can be used for a microphone, such as one of the Heil Pro-set series.
The I-Mate plugs directly into the transceiver's microphone jack and receives its power from the transceiver.


Bencher Products

Bencher products

BENCHER BY-1 Iambic CW paddle
$369.00 AUD
Order required
  • BLACK base
  • Chrome components
  • Order with deposit required
  • Compare to MFJ-564
  • Price is subject to change due
    to exchange rate variations

BENCHER BY-2 Iambic CW paddle

$299.00 AUD
In stock!
  • CHROME base
  • CHROME components
  • This model is normally in stock
  • Compare to MFJ-564

BENCHER BY-3 Iambic CW paddle


$699.00 AUD
Order required

  • GOLD plated base
  • GOLD plated components
  • Order with deposit required!
  • Price is based on seafreighting
  • Price is subject to change due
    to exchange rate variations


$199.00 AUD
Sold out!!

Subject to availability and price confirmation 
  • Covers 1.8-29.7MHz with <1.2:1 SWR.
  • Has <0.2dB insertion loss @ 29.7MHz.
  • 50 ohms impedance.
  • Has 80dB attenuation of spurious and harmonics @ 54MHz.
  • Accepts 1.5kW continuous carrier power or 5kW SSB pep
  • Price is subject to change due
    to exchange rate variations

General products

One year warranty

General amateur radio products
(i.e. non-MFJ) Updated 09-12-09
Type Price $(AUD)
ADONIS D-8Mi (for Icom) 8-pin modular plug, mic lead, 8-pin round plug lead assembly $29.00
ADONIS D-8My (for Yaesu) 8-pin modular plug, mic lead, 8-pin round plug lead assembly $29.00
AMECO K-1 Morse key, bakelite base, adj. spring tension, adj. contacts $29.00
AMECO K-4 Morse key, brass base, adj. silver contacts, ball bearings $49.00
BUTTERNUT replacement capacitors; 290-05, 290-06 $29.00 each
KANTRONICS KPC-3+ Packet TNC $399.00

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